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  1. Not to be dense or anything but what private forums?
  2. justover 2 days and i wil be back too
  3. I hope all wet well. i can't wait for a brief of what happened
  4. If your red you can't get in ilsh... unless i am mistaken. Did you mean evil Feren?
  5. Just thought i should menton this but... Satyr trick does work too
  6. 10 days and counting.. and then you bet i will finally e at the events
  7. Greetings Duncan, Sure I'll tell you about it its been a weirdfew weeks. At the time the days have seemed to drag by... but looking back it doesn't feel like 2 months since i left... it feels more like 60 days ;p I look forward to getting together for a good hunt or just a gathering.. you'll have to inform me on what i have missed in game... And hopefully my ingame career within the knights will progress more smoothly now that i am going to be around Reiver
  8. I should be back from Canada around the 10th Aug so i can finally start some interaction.. YAY.. For the record. I hate military exercises.
  9. Corvak are you ex-military! cos that sounds very much like a Military answer! LOL
  10. Congrats to Ferenhelm I was there in spirit if not in body. May the virtues protect! Reiver
  11. Hmm creepy babble.... Last year I was still based in Muenster westfalia in germany.. The base used to be an Old Military base taken in WW2.. I was alone late at night in the officers mess celler one evening when the temperature suddenly dropped to around near freezing my breath started to mist. And I started hearing banging from else where in the building.. Now I had the only keys to the building on me.. i was the only person in the building and I had locked the door when i entered. now I don't normally beleive in hauntings but that scared the Cr49 outa me. Reiver.
  12. I am currently on a training exercise In canada and took a few mins whilst in camp to post? Does training in canada until August Count as my Summer Holidays? I did get a week rock climbing and white eater rafting in the Rockie mountains? Reiver
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