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  1. Anyone know where i can find a taming calculator?
  2. looking for a price check on a 120 ps for magery
  3. There really is nothing you can do to help yourself legally... Its not a high dollar amount to be fed and there is nothing but a invoice for proof. I own a small biz and Ive learned that if its more money than you care to lose contract everything and use a reliable 3rd party. Ive had bad luck with paypal but in the end my Credit company reversed the charges for me.
  4. I love the idea of having a house. I just don't think everyone needs 2 or 3 or even 4. I have one its good for me. i wouldn't mind having a 2nd purely for location and use my current for storage.
  5. Nothing should be easy... But i remember PKing without GM weps and armor, let alone using pots. Course that was back in the day.
  6. I have 1 house with my 1 account but soon my wife is going to play again and we are thinking of a second house in fel
  7. Back in the old days my LJ could do it in 2 hits but thank god there is no 1 hit kill... who really likes a game where everyone 1 hits kills each other. There are some combos where Margery is combined, but i don't think the new skill setups give that ability.
  8. I think you can buy the key for mondains legacy at markeedragon.com. It might be a cheaper solution for you.
  9. For most of us UO was the first. this game will always hold somthing and ill always come back to it. Ive played eve, jumpgate, planetside, wow, wish, and i always come back to uo. You gotta know ill be trying that out to...
  10. At most all i come by on the shelf is empty expressions from the clerk when i ask him if they carry it...
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