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  1. not possible its my living room pc for playing 1080p movies, ;/, i guess i could dual boot with winxp
  2. so i've installed the game on another of my computer which has vista. client works fines. I then copied all files to my gaming rig which has win7..and it dosnt work. So I dont know. Since win7 is not supported by EA well I guess it will never be fixed
  3. looks like an old house deed but it just says "a deed" weight 1 stone. how much is this worth? and is it rare it's on an old account i havnt been on since 2001
  4. hi, i'm a returning player who have not played in several years. I am looking for a guild to do champ spawns & other activities i guess
  5. thanks for the info. that means i can only transfer 1 skill every 24 hours?
  6. well i have nothing exept my character, how can i get a soulstone?
  7. wasnt there a way to make a char blue instantly? i remember that vaguely
  8. On an old account I got one of my char is red with like 11 long term murders. Is there a way to make him blue again or i have to macro the time?
  9. yep works no problem. It feels like the client -> server connection is not happening. like the login button is just there to be looked at
  10. Yep i did run as administrator, run on comp mode win xp etc..nothing works its not like the program craches or anything..it just dosnt do jack !!!! when i hit the login button. this is frustrating
  11. I reinstalled 3 times..downloading the 2 gigs each time..then everytime i patch at the end i get this: Patch error! The patch client encountered corruption in the file [base/waypoint.uop/b51c6f36e2818a15.meta] on the remote server. please try the patch operation again. i tried to delete the waypoint.uop file and it redownloads it fine..but still no luck
  12. Using the 2d client i just get confused on who got what in their hands anymore. too many colors and same designs
  13. Yep it is set to run as administrator. I have no interest in playing the 2d client i've done that on free shards for years. I've reinstalled UO:SA and still no luck. I can't find any posts anywhere on that problem grr
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