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  1. As me an' Luke McCloud was walking into the swaggers for a drink we noticed a phew bombs... Luke said it was an orc bomb, Luke disided to defuse the bombs I took cover NOTE!: this was not a cowerdly act just what he said! he defused the first bomb then followed with the others Oh dear, is he hurt? As you see Luke died trying! Your's sincerally Theo Westaman
  2. * A poorly written note is infront of you* To all Citizens and soldiers of Vesper, this note will explaine that i am buying Ankh pendants for a collection, dont ask why. I am willing to buy each pendant for thirty thousand shinys, more if it is specially dyed. Here is what i have so far Pigeon hole : 476-145-353 Yours Sincerally Theoden Westaman
  3. Yestarday on the 20th august i insulted Damien Bedford. Due to my actions i was punished the next day i was told to gather 100 iron ingots for the armory. I started to mine the ore which took some time i smelted all the iron ore into ingots Finally i had finished i got a little extra than one hundred but hey i learnt my lesson "NEVER insult a guard!" Your sincerely Theoden Westaman
  4. I object; Bears are a loving creature and shouldn't be killed law or no law they are pretty amazing.
  5. Yestarday night Liberator Elaine pulled together a training session. Many attended the Survival training such as; Balgus, Athena, Colton, Damien, Amantala, paps, Ryhddin, Gwen, Jierdan and me Objective: To build a Shelter that acomadates 4 people, hunt for out food and have a hidden location. We split into two teams(a screen shot wouldn't load) Four on each side but two more arived so we had 5 each.. Team one: No name Gwen Theoden Balgus Jierdan Ryhddin Team two: Chucks Amantala Paps Athena Damien Colton Each team chose a location to build the camp, We each were given a work stat
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