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  1. Why slap? Being pretty is not necessary for a man unless he is a gay, and if he is, he should not care what women say.
  2. Native Americans. Or native South Americans. Or African blacks. Or any situation where a stronger group (ethnic, religious, any) robs a weaker one. The simpler plot, the more situations can fit in, and Avatar's plot is just primitive, so there are an infinite number of parallels with real life.
  3. True, Esca, it is impressive, especially in 3D. I know people who went to see it again in 3D after seeing it in 2D. The scenario is a standard Hollywood "Good vs. Evil" one, but the film is worth to see anyway.
  4. I am sorry to intrude into your discussion and post offtopic stuff, but Dev keeps insisting on seeing some photos. There are more photos, but it is impossible to dig anything out of the digital junkyard my husband's computer is.
  5. No pics yet, we need to buy a camera first. Still deciding which one we want and do we want any. Maybe we better buy a video camera, we are not much of photographers.
  6. Thank you all! You speak Russian better than me, so I think you are right. Very soon, Reedy. Hardly more than fifteen years, so stay ready. Don't teach him flashing please, he is a good boy. =)
  7. Hello babblers, I have a son now (was born at November, 28th), name's Nick. I am busier now than I have ever been in my life before... and always want to sleep.
  8. How many babble threads do you need to feel happy?
  9. Adam has fixed everything so I have full access now! Only the evil ones =) I will keep my account active, but you can anyway, Van. Feel free to take anything you need.
  10. I requested account merge, and they did it - but they did not restore my 'Sylver' subscriptions. So I can't access neither our private forum nor AllGM, and there is no way to subscribe anew. There is a saying that moving is worse than fire. EDIT: f4g forums are now in the list so I requested access to our private forum (in a hope that Dev lets me in ). I am not restoring my AllGM subscription though.
  11. You simply like me to be a pain in the *** for you know who. Very selfish, Dev, very. Yes, it's a boy. Keep hoping.
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