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  1. Our host experienced intermitent power outages last night due to flooding in the region. It was down a few times last night, but anything beyond this won't be a hosting issue. We can try to help with your individual issue: support@stratics.com.
  2. I'll be a little bias, since I wrote the quoted post in the OP (pre-chiv changes, naturally). I tried parry for quite some time, but someone eventually did the numbers for me. He pointed out that I can heal a lot more damage with fewer skill points invested in healing than I could ever hope to avoid with 120 parry. Hence, I dropped parry for heal and never regretted it. I do think that my template should be updated to compensate for the chiv changes, but I haven't played actively in a couple years.
  3. I never liked my sampire until I dropped parry. By replacing parry with healing, I now heal considerably more damage than I'd avoid with parry. The healing from chiv, healing, bushido, and pots, coupled with the feint special on my leafblades, makes my sampire indestructible.
  4. I sense that weapon looting has become somewhat extinct since the introduction of imbuing. Granted, looted weapon can have unique intensities and can occasionally lend themselves imbuing, but it has become extremely easy to make a one-in-a-thousand weapon with imbuing. To me, the effort is no longer worthwhile.
  5. Your first goal should be to obtain a 115 (if not 120) swords scroll. With only 100 swords, you will find it difficult to hit mid to high-end monsters. Second, you need to decide if you want to pursue a sampire of wammy template. These templates will make it much easier for you to fight the highest-end monsters.
  6. What type of character is this? PvM, PvP, or RP? What is your weapon skill? Do you mostly play solo or with a group? Do you want to fight top-end monsters? The most popular PvM warrior template is the sampire, which incorporates chivalry. See a post about sampires here.
  7. One exception is when holding an ancient hammer. An ancient hammer can raise your skill above your skill cap. The same may be true of mining gloves. I'm not sure.
  8. Not *corp por* that *kal vas flam* I have *in yelm* found *an nox*.
  9. I don't think that there is an item analyzer in Lucis. However, Lucis does hide corpses after you have opened them, making looting much easier. Have you used Pinco's UI? I have not tried it. Based on the popularity of the Lucis Interface, I assumed that Pinco would be including many of the features of Lucis. You can probably add weights/tithe points/etc. with his UI somehow.
  10. I'm using the Lucis Interface. I could not use the Enhanced Client without it.
  11. Ty for your entirely unrelated troll re: Stratics.
  12. I say replace parry with anatomy and healing. You will heal more damage with aids than you would defend against with parry.
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