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  1. If you are an olds player an u was EU factions...come join. 171 members an LOADS of pics Re-live your shit talking and hatred of people, old schoold styled! https://www.facebook.com/groups/14484514214/10154073858659215/?notif_t=group_activity&notif_id=1471906817861041 Ultima Online - Europa Factions Oldschool
  2. Goed to despise an fihgt Bawwacoons! Easiest an fastest boss to kills. We got lot scwolls, wut u needs?
  3. Lot people comed back to EU lateleys. ME TOO! Yay!
  4. I am back, an Minax ids pwosperin. If you fighted me or dace, say hewlo to mee before u dieds howwible deathds, or me win your sigilds. If you liek my Minax army of guards an twaps, u can say yay to me hrer So far me haved had a many good times alweady, wiv the lootin an the winnin, an 4v1 victowies. Fanks for takin part! Yay! WOBBA! Oh, by ways: Me am Commanding Lord of the Minax. There a Minax horsey vendords in Brit east bank if u wan a red hossies An lot plank vendoes. We have a spaces for the followin towns as ministers (npc vendors an local taxes) an the shewiff's (NPC
  5. lots of com and sl at mo. Minax a bits dead cept for a few reds in their own teams, and TB seem to have a few more active people but not that many. Still, seen some big ass fights going down in Mag recently and I seem to always be bumping into factioners in towns solo. New arties for fctioerns and ruleset, seems intewestings.
  6. Yeas I canno finded them an they losted fowever Stills, u can watched my OLD FACTIOND MOVIEDS! YAY! http://www.asrm48.dsl.pipex.com/UO/index.html
  7. I TWY FINDED DEM! they alls on my blowed up drive of a CD shumwhrer...
  8. Why I can noes get it? Site says noes wont load
  9. I knows Petwa me noes haev seen her lonnnggg tiem.
  10. YE! I doos I won sigilds form them an run way An they goes: 'Oh noes it the wobba barney he taked the sigil! HOW HE DO THAT U USED THE BUG CHEATOR BARNEY!' But me laughing at them an they noes know the skillz me used An they cry
  11. Hehe! I haveds hided and stealth about for TWO YEARSDS! I coem backed to shee the faction an a make housey an causes havocs wiv sigilds an stuffs. Lot people wave at meand say yay wobba at me when me wassed runned about. I met nice man he call DEAMON KING an a SCARFACE an he gvie me lot golds to make me housey an a suit of stuff an i like it, me train at moes the skills I am cuwwently in Fel, bwit, hidin fwom bad men. Yay! Heyo!
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