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  1. If no one volunteers for the runebooks...I can do it. Just need to know how many (to start) and what runes to put in. Should we use just one thread for the "fest"? Ooops, now that I look at the structure, I guess this is the right place...
  2. Let me know soonest what you foresee as needed.
  3. I am the new manager of the Squirrel. It is open to all and I will make available whatever is necessary I can redecorate for your your event.. I guess, if its wanted...I can not be around when you have a party (sniff, sniff)... Clextor
  4. The Governor of Yew sponsored a hunt this morning. The Dungeon Shame by lore, and King's decree' is within the Yew Lands. In history, the monsters in Shame came forth from the dungeon northward and attacked. The hunt was to purge the monsters around the entrance and the first two levels. Other areas that are with the Yew Lands include the Crypts, Orc fort, and Lich Woods. They also need monitoring. Currently, only the Yew Rangers (YRGR) patrol and they still need support. There will be more hunts in service to the citizens. Also, if other lands wish assistance, the Yew Rangers will b
  5. Citizens ofYew! I am Frei. Today I speak to you as a candidate in the elections for the position as Governor of Yew. Many of you will know me from my previous term as Governor, Earl, and Ranger of Yew. As the first Governor, I have requested changes to the city of Yew. First, I have asked for divine assistance in permitting the citizens to be able to put out the fires in the city. Next, I have petitioned the King to return the Moongate to the city center. This will bring trade that will increase revenues to the city. I have also asked that the bank be moved from the Abbey. The bank
  6. I am really happy with my mage/stealther/SWer. I can go most anywhere with stealth. I wear them down with magery and then hit them with Word of Death (spellweaving). Hope helps, Clex
  7. Hopefully, one of the guilds on Pacific will see your post and step forward. It the old days my guild did a Monday night dungeon for "newish" players. Every Monday night anyone who wanted met at a spot and we went to a dungeon that was condusive to the majority of the non-guild members. It was one of those small bright spots for the community. Clex
  8. Being around for a long time, I have accepted the benefits of making a combat peep...a combat peep only and a crafter a crafter peep only. I would suggest doing the mage/mysticism peep with all its associated skills to make him the best for combat and exploring. A crafter, for me, doesn't leave the house other than for shopping. I put 60-70 magery on the character to get around but the rest of the points goes towards 5-6 crafting skills. Mixing crafter and fighting skills just makes for a less capable fighter and a limited skill crafter. Hope helps, Clex
  9. On the handle of the tool you use is a switch for switching from ore to stone. Clex
  10. The "Lord" title comes from your fame and karma levels. Those are gained by killing monsters. Hope helps, Clex
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