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  1. Ok finally got around to updating the map. If I missed someone let me know.
  2. Best of luck Rusko. I been taking a break myself, but starting to miss UO already.
  3. I still got a Army of Goblins that need painted. That don't even count all the other games with mini's that need painted. So many games so little time.
  4. Hey Val, How's it going? I been busy lately so haven't been on much, map probably needs updated again.
  5. This is the latest update of Sagewind. If I missed anyone please let me know.
  6. One of my old laptops and my daughters laptop died last week. Must be old age. Be sure and save your uoassist macros. They should be in your program folder. C:\Program Files (x86)\UOAssist\UOA-Settings
  7. They should be in the same location depending on if you have 32 bit or 64 bit OS. Mine are saved in the folder below. I just copy them to usb stick and copy to my other computers. C:\Program Files (x86)\UOAssist\UOA-Settings\
  8. One of my friends is a member too,but last time I talked with him he was playing WoW. I'll send him a message on facebook, and see if any the guys I played Eve with are coming to UO. You are right though they got a ton of members playing all kinds of games.
  9. My son pointed out to me that Star Trek Online is now f2p. Since he's playing it I started a account. I don't really have the time for another MMO, but for a free game I had a blast. I had way more fun playing Star Trek then I did with that new Star Wars game. So if your a trekkie and want some free gaming that's fun, Star Trek Online might be for you.
  10. KGB as in the Knights of Glory and Beer? If so no issue from me, I used to play Eve Online with few their members, good people.
  11. It was my pleasure, I just hate to see folks loss stuff to a bug or error. He my neighbor too. Gotta keep up with the Neighborhood Watch.
  12. If anyone sees Relentless, tell him I was able to save most his stuff. I put a house on the plot too. So if he still wanted that spot he can have it back. If he doesn't want it I will keep it.
  13. If anyone sees Relentless, tell him his house is Greatly. There are few items in his house he might still want.
  14. Well besides the story being Lord of The Rings, the graphics look good, theme park MMO, but with enough freedom to roam, big world, it's free. If I buy quest packs or expansions from the in-game store, there yours forever or as long as the game is open There are houses in the game, but nothing like UO, hell I don't even own one. It's best to go VIP i.e. subscribe for a month, everything you unlock during that month you keep; character traits, inventory bags, no gold limit. etc. The best way to get a month for dirt cheap is to find a old boxed copy of LOTRO in the store. I found Mines of Mo
  15. Since my 440+ ping is making UO unplayable, I was curious what other games everyone plays. I have played LOTRO off and on the past year, more or less few days here and there. My main is Maedri on Nimrodel server. I also play Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 every now and then. That's pretty much the only multiplayer games I play now days. Any of you all have anything you play when UO is unplayable?
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