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  1. ummm... 01010101 = U 01001111 = O
  2. What happened to Major Doom artifacts, and Shard of the Gem of Immortality dropping??? Has anyone gotten ahold of these from SL's?
  3. Lord_of_Rage

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    So.. What happened to Major Doom Artifacts dropping, and Shard of the Gem of Immortality??? A hoax?? or has anyone received these items???
  4. Confirmed. Edit: guess I was mislead on spawn times.
  5. Thanks for the replies... There is some outrageous items to be had that are acquired from "orders of minax". (travesty special loot, quest can be done once per char, and reward is 3 strongboxes.) And if it made any difference, I probably had on over 2000 luck when i did the quest. I also got a 1/3 bracelet with 13 HCI 15 DCI and resists off of the Correspondence...http://www.uoguide.com/Correspondence_from_Minax
  6. So what you think it may be worth? I showed it for 5 minutes and got offers 75Mil+. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  7. I have been waiting for an ol' buddies house to fall for years... I hoped it would so I could place my castle over it. Still nothing. So I hold 3 houses in that area waiting for one of them to fall. I think it's ridiculous... Dont get me wrong, I think it's awesome that you got back in time for your items. At the same time, we the loyal paying customers should get dibs on that land that is being unused. A never ending battle it seems.
  8. HAHA... Yeah, ugly indeed. Don't matter WHAT pigment u use to dye it!! Afraid only way is to become elf!
  9. 1 Ancient Citadel 2 Blackthorns Castle 3 Blighted Grove 4 Britain 5 Bucs Den 6 Chaos Shrine 7 Citadel 8 City of Mistas 9 City of Montor 10 Compassion Shrine 11 Cove 12 Covetous 13 Deceit 14 Delucia 15 Destard 16 Doom 17 Empath Abbey 18 Ethereal Fortress 19 Exodus Lair 20 Heartwood 21 Honesty Shrine 22 Honor Shrine 23 Humility Shrine 24 Hythloth 25 Jhelom 26 Justice Shrine 27 Khaldun 28 Lake of Fire 29 Lakeshire 30 Luna 31 Lycaeum 32 Maginicia 33 Moonglow 34 Nujel'm 35 Occlo 36 Palace of Paroxysmus 37 Papua 38 Pass On Karnaugh 39 Prism of Light 40 Sacrafice Shrine 41 Serpents Hold 42 Shame 43 S
  10. No locking down required. place gozas, raise them up, place tables, drop gozas, chop tables, raise table-tops, place whatever you are placing stone tops on, lower tops. They will not decay. Post your finished work!! Hope that helps.
  11. Well, I took it a step further... First off I had barrels out there under my sign. I stacked 2 tables, and then put 2 stacked books on the table, which pops them up top. (as seen in another deco thread somewhere) I then placed a goza targeting the damaged books. Remove the top damaged books, and placed dragon head on goza. removed items and walla! I was messing with other add ons, and I found that I could use pretty much any of them. You could mess with other items under the stacked books to be able to get the dragon head at the proper height... I am not willing to lo
  12. "Q: What is this I hear about a shipwreck in the Tokuno Islands? A: We're not exactly sure, but we've heard some whispering in the back alleys of Zento ourselves. Perhaps you can ask the more experienced Tokuno adventurers if they've seen anything odd..." -uoherald Is this some kind of hidden message? I have searched all over and can't seem to find anything odder than odd.
  13. I agree, even if I didn't do as well as I thought... I'd like to see the answers. Will we have that chance?
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