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  1. After some years of the forum malfunctioning and not being correctable. It is finally "fixed", at least most content should still be there.
  2. Was a lot of plans for uoforums, but they went pretty dead after my illness. UO seems to be on the same lifesupport as before and it puzzles me that broadsword created another wiki, so there is now two for this relatively small game. Do anything really important happen while I was gone?
  3. I am sorry to hear that. Despite being a direct competitor they're still a very good site with a very long legacy and good dedicated people involved. Not sure who this new owner is or how/why the ownership change happened, but it must be hard to butt heads over something you're passionate about. Wish them all the luck in the future.
  4. Well, Everquest really doesn't compare at all. If it should be compared to anything, it would be Lineage, as it had a similar setup as Ultima Online, but NCSoft didn't write completely new clients, they (correctly) released a sequel. Creating a new game would also allow the creators to completely escape limitations of the first game and constraints of established communities. But if they don't do something amazing, I am afraid the Ultima franchise will continue its course to the grave, Making a new client for UO will not stop this decline, other than a very temporary boost.to subscribers.
  5. Don't think they have someone directly for UO anymore. It is very cut down staff sadly. I would suggest emailing Mesanna about it, she may be able to help. Don't remember if she has her email public or not, so if kayhynn remembers, she can post it.
  6. This is genius. Only a matter of time before someone properly married technology and workout. Support it here: (and you help me in the process ) http://igg.me/at/leohelps/x/8099744
  7. I loved Ultima Underworld. Would be nice to see something similar. Keeping an eye on this as well.
  8. What my experiences are so far, is rather positive. Sure LB is trying to recapture a long lost legacy, but heck, go for it. I've not been a big fan of LB, but I must admit that I admire his effort and stamina. There will always be a battle between those who like to pay more and those who want to work more (and everything in between), so no game will ever really be perfect. Is it cheating and wrong if you've spend a year building a car and I spend 10 minutes buying one for more cash? Why should a persons time spent be sacred? Lots of questions in a never ending debate. In the end, SOTA is
  9. http://gizmodo.com/this-is-the-first-computer-in-history-to-have-passed-th-1587780232
  10. Honestly too many people are simply chasing a dream. UO was a unique experience that you cannot recapture by simply rehashing what it was.
  11. Well, don't have my hopes up for the upcoming legal battle between superman and batman. Not to mention, martian manhunter won't be there and wonderwoman is apparently not hip enough for her own movie.
  12. Sadly it likely has something to do with Ultima Forever.
  13. I am downloading it now (thanks for reminding me) and it is downloading at full speed. (Fiber connection) I looked over the list and there wasn't much of any games that were interesting to me. I barely have time to play as it is.
  14. Half Life 3 confirmed! I am pretty much thinking what I have been thinking all along. They're syncing Portal and Half Life franchises. So we'll see a release of portal 3 and half life 3 together. The stories might even overlap, which could be made possible by the borealis(sp?). So we might see a cross over between Chell and Gordon.
  15. New series of the DC hero The Flash. It looked a little campy at first, but the tie-in with the series Arrow just made it a whole new kind of awesome. I like the series Arrow and it is the same people. I think DC is maybe looking to do a Marvel and slowly integrating everyone into the justice league, but instead of just using movies, they're using both movies and series. This might work, but only time will tell.
  16. Then write the text in a text editor and then put it in photoshop. (if you wish to strip garbage code, simply paste into notepad, notepad++ or mac equivalent)
  17. Though I wish that when people make awesome imagery like this, they'd at least use a spell checker.
  18. Seems like Chuck Norris'es cat was out for a walk about.
  19. If you've ever been a fan of Doctor Who. There is a big humble bundle with many good Doctor Who comics and Doctor Who - Legacy promotion, which gives you almost all Doctors. (as a sidenote. Doctor Who legacy is actually a pretty fun game, well worth for any fan) https://www.humblebundle.com/books Get it while it is still there.
  20. Heh, at least there's the series to keep you entertained in the mean time. But imagine if GoT just went completely silent. No more series, no word on new books and the cries of fans goes unanswered for years and years. Now that would suck.
  21. You have to remember that UT came out a year later than HL1. (HL1 in November 1998 and UT in November 1999) Of course people will wonder what the hype is all about if you play a 16 year old game. It is the same thing with other classics. They just really can't stand up to the development in games. I am very happy with the Black Mesa remake of HL1, as it will allow for new players to get into the series. Agreed on the crowbar. Nothing more therapeutic than smashing things with a crowbar. I am hoping that HL3 will come together with Portal 3, tying the two games together. (the Borealis?)
  22. Heh, at least the author is active and there's content coming out. Imagine if Game of Thrones ended right in the middle of the red wedding and everything went silent, not a single word in the next decades time.
  23. Have to remember that HL1 came out in 1998. For its time, it was head and shoulders above it's competition and pretty much were the launching point of FPS storytelling games. Also for its time, incredibly atmospheric, engrossing and sometimes even scary. The story arc is superb and to those who do not know, spawned the Portal series. (set in the same universe and Aperture Science is Black Mesas (Half Life) rival)
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