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  1. elves have a higher chance for colored ore and wood
  2. the satyr trick is always a good trick when trying to work skills
  3. Lake Austin is slowly getting RP "started" Currently of the guilds I know of... NWJ, S^S, and S^M, C^A (Night Wolves of Justice, Slaves of Sosaria and Sun and Moon, City of Alcedonia) are the only ones I know of but we are going strong with RP.
  4. And that image has been removed....
  5. Will you let me know when you next hunt is Lein? I would love to do some more peerless old and new. I've not done them in a long time now. Keitaro Kazami Head War Dog of The Silent Blades [TSB] ICQ: 358664448
  6. I was wondering seen as I dont see any GM armor vendors at the RAA shop if I could set up a vendor or two if you let me of one for balance suits and pieces of metal armor and the same for leather armor. Lok Shadowhand, Ancient Crafter of TSB Piegon at 358-664-448
  7. I play it now that it is F2P otherwise i was using my BF account for it >_>
  8. if its not been placed you can dye it with the new dyes afterwards you cant use the dyes on them
  9. *peers at it* It appears you left off me... Keitaro Kazami, Head War Dog [TSB]
  10. Full name: Liam Rayne Rank: Townfolk Parrot perch: 358664448 Current Silver: Silver Gained:
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