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  1. Just curious who is still around in town. I stopped by today and saw a few things new, a few things changed and quite a bit still the same. Tancred
  2. I think dropping cash in HS is different than MtG because you can't just buy discrete cards off other people. You can buy insane numbers of packs to chase rares as in MtG, but in HS you can also do dailies as well as just win 3 matches to get gold to buy packs of cards. In other words, you can the rare cards for free but a lot slower. Perhaps one of the nice things about HS is you can burn cards to get dust to craft cards you want. From what I've seen looking around the web, Hunters and Priests seem to be the overpowered class du jour. Looking at some of the cards listed in the decks of tournament winners can give a nice start of building a strong deck if you want to follow their style. I've been playing my mage deck mostly but the paladin one also isn't bad. One reason I like this game because I can pick it up and instantly play for a match or two and then log right back out. I've also noticed how good or bad your deck, a lot of it can also be how good or bad a day the RNG is having(for you or your opponent!).
  3. Anyone playing Ingress? If you've not heard of it, basically you play with your Android tablet/phone a sort of IRL version of Risk. To participate, you go to irl locales and then fight battles against the opposing side via your device. I think there is a way to also drop a beacon-type object so you can continue to fight at that location in the future without physically being there. Since I don't have an Android device(just iPad and iPhone), I was wondering how interesting it really is since the IOS port is due soon.
  4. Anyone else playing this? Last time I touched any CCG I think Clinton was president, but I decided to give it a (free) shot and it's not terribly boring although the level of interaction is slow minimal you could probably be fooled into thinking you were just playing your own computer. While building and maintaining a card collection is kind of fun, you can't trade cards with other ppl, again one less social interaction. I suppose some of this is to prevent irl monies. I don't know they they don't have a mirror of it in print with perhaps embedded RFID chips or a scratch-off redemption code to add to your digital deck. They've already announced a sort of add-on single player campaign but not sure how interesting that can/will be. Also just out on the iPad in the US, following Aus, Can and NZ I believe. I am Tancred#1257 on Battle.net if anyone wants to play me.
  5. Just IMO, but there are perhaps way too many pinned topics in this forum.
  6. While I was not following the game closely, a vampirish MMO didn't exactly ring my bell. It just seemed really outside of CCP's strength sphere, almost doomed esp as gaming is almost post-MMO. EVE is beautiful and a giant sandbox, they should not only continue to focus on it, but really push the envelope with it. Dust sounded like a good idea on paper, good direction, but perhaps poor execution.
  7. I was an early Kickstarter contributor, but so far all the game dev updates seem to revolve around cheesy bonus wearable items, houses and indestructable crafting tools. In some ways, it's like LB is trying to take some sort of dramatic revenge against EA but the plot is stuck in 2001 as they roll out stuff like basements and private islands. While I have no doubt this game will be released, I'm afraid it's just going to be a banksitter's crafting cheesefest as everyone struts around in a robe they spent hundreds of dollars to obtain. I have yet to see any intriguing dungeons or challenging quests, its just more damn wearables. At least in they aren't stuck with unleashing yet another neon hue into, but it's just more pixel crack. LB must really think this is his next ride to orbit.
  8. I wonder if this some sort of a reponse to the super-long GM queues.
  9. Steam sucked for many, many years but is now stable, useful and features quite a selection of games. The holiday and summer sales are insane.
  10. Not to threadjack, because this sounds like it *could* be a lot of fun, but what's the point? Most all the steable items can easily be bought for not much gold and the few items really worth stealing are on timers for the few dozen people who seem to know exactly when to show up and turn on their stealing macro. It's too bad there isn't some sort of maze or puzzle dungeon where it's all about the thieving arts that some tamers or party of meatheads can't crash the party. The few puzzle type challenges there are all seem to be about mind games or randomized success with lend nothing to thieving.
  11. I used to be a die-hard Papa Johns fan, but Dominos really turned their pizza around the past year or two. I've not had Pizza Hut in years and don't plan to for several more. Best pizza I ever had was at a place called Libretto's when I was in NYC in Midtown Manhattan, be sure to check it out if you happen to be in the area, esp the Positano.
  12. It looks nice, but I feel like this msgboard gets a major overhaul every other year that isn't entirely necessary. There is an old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" that sort of applies here. Also, I have to re-login every time I come here now.
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