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  1. Hi All, I am interested in buying or trading for the property right next to the observatory. It says it belongs to Jonny Blaze. If anyone has a lead please contact me. This is in Nappa Valley. Gimel
  2. How do I best contact another player. I have never seen him, but I know were his house is.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions....
  4. So after trying everything I could think of. I went to my laptop, that had a working copy of UO on it that worked. I got a memory stick and copied it to my desktop...it worked... I still dont undrestand why every download and cd I tried didnt work.
  5. Hi Folks, I have been playing Ultima for years. I have never had so many problems. My comp was acting strange so I changed the mother board and the hd. I was not able to transfer my Uo game to the new drive. I tried installing an old reaissance 2d, it launched an error. I tried installing a third age disk. Diffrent but strange error. It would not recognize my account. At least it tried. Anyhow ive tried downloading the 2d client from the ftp, iv'e tried talking with techs. They have me erase everything by hand and then reload. Ive doen it ten times... Do i need to buy a new version? Everything
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