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  1. Well, it certainly has been a while. I hope all of you are doing well. A while back, there was probably a sizable IDOC that contained pretty much all of my soulstones and years of work. I've pretty much given up on UO, unless I get a pretty good reason to start playing again. At the very least, I hope someone is enjoying or was able to use all of the rares and items that fell with my houses. ...or at least, some of them. I kept the really nice stuff in my banks. Regardless, those of you still around- keep enjoying the game; hopefully the memory of my guild and characters will live
  2. It works on nightmares as well. Except then, it's a Hellsteed.
  3. Seconding the request for the old midi music. I am going to take a look around for this.
  4. Lord Target

    My PvP Template

    720 total, but you can make up the difference in items. Your ideal template will vary depending on whether you want to be able to perform sneak attacks in PvP - a stealther- or outright fight with no ability to hide. Granted, there are people with detecthidden out there, and less stealthers than there were- but you can still have a degree of success with hiding and stealth. For starters, you may wanna take anatomy to 110 and healing to 90 - keep in mind those high end tactics/anat/parry scrolls will cost a fair amount of gold. It's hard to hit people with a melee template these days in
  5. Quick gains there. I used junk armor, lots of bucklers, and allowed sheep to maul me for a while. I also trained off of bone knights, but I'm not sure if that method still works as well... EDIT: Make sure you empty your pack and carry dex potions and LOTS of bandages. Remember carrying a weapon will give a % to parry, but you will need to be vigilant as to not accidentally stab the sheep in the process. Boosting dex higher will give you a better chance to parry, so ideally using items and potions to raise it will give you quicker gains.
  6. Or very artistic grill-marks. =) Wait, grill-marks filled with frosting! I guess it depends on whether you like mild sauces containing excessive amounts of sugar.
  7. IGM's used to do this back in the day....play monsters,that is. Ever encounter the talking black lich? Hythloth. Early 1998. Those were interesting times.
  8. I could swear there was a leather container engraving tool, as well. Not sure if it's craftable or purchase-only off of UOGameCodes.
  9. No, I have not. Checked all of my chars, too. Is the char human or a different race? Maybe that had something to do with it. Also, have you tried with the EC or Classic client? Let's see if we can't get this figured out. Supposing all attempts fail, does anyone have (or can someone PM) contact info for a developer lead? If this issue is commonplace, won't we see a revert?
  10. Scribe also adds spell focus [chance to not be interrupted when hit] and does not detract from the focused mage 30% PvP SDI cap, in fact, it adds 12% to it- making it 42% after the 30% in items is added in. However, you will need to focus in a specific school of spellcasting to keep that 30% cap. I encourage you to check out this post and see if you can brainstorm some innovative ideas for your template. Those are the publish 71.0 changes; many of them changed some significant items.
  11. They changed it from an accounting goof to actually running the full-fledged Return to Britannia [RtB] program. According to this post on uoherald, they are ending the RtB program today? Wait, what?
  12. EDIT: Accounts are no longer free as of this evening according to UOHerald. Accounts are free to login [inactive ones] right now. Are you wondering whether they will extend it or do it again next month? I would kinda hope they'd just run it 30 days instead of two weeks, but you never know.
  13. Indeed. Ironically, the same day I told my friend about the RtB program, his ancient computer had finally bit the dust. Apparently, he's getting an imac and resubscribing to UO as soon as feasibly possible. He was very happy about the free chance to play, though. It didn't help that his power supply decided to barf when he got home to try to use his computer, though.:5eek:
  14. There are still some of us insane veteran players on Cats. Alright, eccentric veteran players...We do keep things interesting, though. =) Have fun on whatever shard you choose, and welcome back!
  15. Hm, it was quite an art, as I recall...and fun! Precast explode, equip hally [a deadly poisoned halberd worked nicely] recast desired spell, run around like a madman. Quarterstaves were all the rage right after that time period; fast, and they broke your foe's blessed clothing and sandals. =) It was more nasty when you used a poisoned weapon- anything pointy or with an edge was poison-able in those days, including the War Axe [golf club, as I like to call them]. Thieves I knew, they'd target your item after they had your pack open- since moving would close the pack, after the ite
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