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  1. slightly incorrect. If they are already protected the person trying to protect them gets a message telling them that the person is already protected. To drop protection you have to log off or click on your character and choose "Cancel Protection" from the options.
  2. Its all in your brain. It has 0 affect on DOOM drops.
  3. Do these rankings change at all with the new patches and new items?
  4. Thats not a scam. Thats you getting owned. lol Thats awesome and genius...hadnt heard of someone doing that.
  5. I have been out for a couple months...did we ever actually use those? The Glass Daggers?
  6. I use to lure people to my house under the idea of selling them my house in trade for something like Ranger Armor or Demon Bone Armor. They come in the house....and I have tables lined up so everything is a narrow path... and then I would wait until they walked into the designated place and I would lock a table behind them keeping them immobile...I just drop spells on them and loot armor. There was also the blank scroll house scam. Or the Packy scams.
  7. What do you disagree with and what do you value more?
  8. Spellsbooks arent the source of a mages damage...where as weapons are. I would actually be more cool with a "silence" type hit. As silencing a mage is more equivalent then disarming his spellbook. It just seems stupid to me.
  9. In Pub. 55....they are adding: *Spellsbooks can be disarmed in PvP* Anyone else think this is a stupid idea?
  10. I would prefer 45 skill points... +15 Stealing +15 Stealth +15 Fencing 50% Enhance Potions 15% HCI
  11. Anyone else have a ranking setup? with opinions?
  12. If you have Attunement on while in wraith form... You will not leach mana....of creatures or players...
  13. Yeah...thats what I said. Your luck doesnt matter if you dont get looting rights.
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