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  1. I have a Castle on Ice. If you're interested, send me a pm. Won't sell it cheap. Would also be interested in selling it full of stuff Thinking of downsizing and perhaps even shutting down and taking a year or so break. Also have a Luna plot I'd be interested in selling.
  2. Thanks Nabin! On another note, I really haven't played since July. If I do decide to shut my last 3 accounts down, I'll contact you to see if you want to buy back my Malas Castle. My main account is still paid up for another 4 or 5 months, so no rush to make up my mind Ken
  3. Hey Doostur! long time no see. Will you take 200 mil?
  4. He's Back Again! Just check the ISP of a new poster selling accounts. It's pretty easy to spot his posting style. That being said, the new rules of not posting items for cah will slow him down a bit.
  5. Sorry to hear that you were scammed. It really sucks I know. If you still need to buy gold I'd suggest Lord Nabin who sells gold at .55/mil or Sunder who sells gold (atlantic only) at .40/mil. Both of these men are honest and can be trusted. They both have adds under the "General Trade Forum". Good luck and remember "Karma is a B-tch!" the Scammers will get there's in the end.
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