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  1. Congratulations on graduating! Good luck with the job search
  2. Does rope come wound in two different directions as loot, or is one more rare than the other? And can either be used for the hitching posts?
  3. It was fun! I found that I did better without my hat, dress or sandals, but I'm still not sure why (and yes, I was still fully clothed in girly armor)
  4. hehe I can't remember who I voted for, they're all great! Congrats to the winners
  5. *lol* Okay. Happy and safe holidays everyone!
  6. *GIGGLES* That was good Are you SURE it isn't Gak?
  7. Congratulations on the new house
  8. I'm trying to grow some of those Single Barrel cacti by crossing a Prickly Pear with a Tribarrel as it's listed in the Stratics cross-pollination chart. I ended up with those new cacti (the four barrel with flower) instead. It also shows seeds on this plant. Is this an error in coding or is something new happening?
  9. Yes I'm on Chessy I've been stocking my furniture and add-on vendors steadily for the past three days. Someone moved into a new house It just seems to me that the effort it takes to obtain one seed isn't worth it, when the plants sell for so little these days. I can't offer a steady supply of them to my customers without being able to grow them in bulk as I would if they were seeding plants.
  10. I play on Chessy. The crazy thing is, it's so much trouble to go to, just to end up with a plant you have to sell so cheaply. But as a gardener, I'd LOVE to continue growing these new plants, if only they gave seeds.
  11. The bookcase needs a book inside it to appear full. Does it matter which book? Would a runebook work? Sorry for the questions, but my TC char isn't old enough to place a house with, so I can't test run a rune library yet.
  12. I've decided I don't like the way the new plants and the new craftables are affecting gardeners and crafters. They're forcing us to depend on warriors to get the parts for us to do our jobs. I'm completely out of new seeds, except the cocoa seeds, of course. Nobody has seeds for sale anymore, and of course the new plants don't give seeds. Most warriors aren't collecting them when they loot the corpses, so they aren't bringing them back from the field. I'm not much of a fighter. I prefer crafting and gardening and cooking. But now, to keep my New Plant vendor stocked, I'd be forced to
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