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  1. I am running Windows 7 64bit on a Mac's bootcamp partition. I will install/patch and give you all an update on how things work Mac 2.0ghz Zeon Quad Core 10gb of Ram ATI 3870HD with 512mb ram
  2. I will keep at least the castle account active im sure , how what if one of the castle account owners is co-owner of the keep?
  3. Im running into financial issues and wanted to know how long does it take a house to fall after your account lapses? Is it 3 months? I have 3 huge houses I dont want to loose.
  4. I think its a great system but my friend just had an idea , if they have more then just you in prison why not have a make someone your 'bit**' option lol. I do think they should let the prisoners fight , riot ect. But to make it something bad , add more time on to their sentence or somekind of negative buff if they get out.
  5. Hun , the traders are down to massive exploit bug. No bank either. According to the news it should be opened once the bug is fixed.
  6. Wow we paid for early access only to loose time due to server update
  7. I think its good they capped it , remember what happened with WOW? QUEUE after QUEUE ect. I got so frustrated when WOW started that I quit and got a refund.
  8. Hey all , who is playing on the pve server? If so let me know and we can join together.
  9. My Dread Horse on Origin 616 528 95 116 87.2 98.3 84.1 9.5 43.4 35.1 28.5 He absolutely kicks butt , a little slow against OL's but still won. He casts ALOT. These are his starting stats , they went up alot with just a 1/2 hour training (yeah unbonded, i know im stupid).
  10. I wonder if the next piece has to do with the cloak of corruption and threads.
  11. No kidding , I turned in over 500k worth of stuff and it took forever , esp trying to target them darn rat coins.
  12. Do you guys think they will add new pieces or it will remain these lousy 7% bonus items? I would hate to hold on to these if they turn out to be anything I like white tokuno type stuff so I hope it gets boosted.
  13. I just came back myself recently. I am on Origin and its quiet , very low population atm
  14. I picked one up as well , sucks. It is also very dark and hard to make out features cept for the tail
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