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  1. Not sure If this was covered elsewhere but decided to put it here. My problem was this. I have several accounts that showed up once I did the master account. I was then trying to link them to the master account. of the 6 accounts showing only 2 linked when I entered the password. The remaining would not link to the master account, citing password issues. Here is what i did to finally get them linked into the master account: At the account management page for mythic (lower right) I clicked the forgot password link. On the page it took me to, I put in the unlinked accounts and requested a ne
  2. They cannot fix the problem with just a gold wipe. It would not address the underlying issue of not enough gold leaving the economy. buying from a player vendor does not remove gold it just passes it from one player to another. As it stands right now the amount of gold flowing into the game far exceeds the amount leaving the game probably by a hundred times. While there needs to be sufficient amounts coming in to the game to allow for players to accomplish their goals. There still needs to be enough removed to prevent the excess that is present today. LRC for example takes out a good amount
  3. Just to toss this out there for people who dont know about the "all come" command. it invokes a different pathfinding AI. Which in an area where your pet tends to get hung up on things its to stupid to walk around, it will suddenly realize oh wait I can step around this thing and get to my owner thats calling for me.
  4. farsight did this early on and here you can find some of his results and opinions on them: http://www.uoforums.com/cymbrogi-de-dragon/64165-new-pets-boura.html and here: http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=159162
  5. Trevelyan posted these over at stratics and apply here. Ophidian and Bane stuff Ophidian Bane Chosen Neutral Ophidian loyalty decrease (base): ~1_VAL~ (peril bonus): ~2_val~ Bane Chosen loyalty decrease (base): ~1_VAL~ (peril bonus): ~2_VAL~ Ophidian loyalty increase (base): ~1_VAL~ (peril bonus): ~2_VAL~ Bane Chosen loyalty increase (base): ~1_VAL~ (peril bonus): ~2_VAL~ If you want to be one of the Chosen, you gotta pull your weight Obtain 20 pieces of crystalline blackrock and return for your reward. You can mine for crystalline blackrock in Ter-Mur or you can get it by killing the up
  6. Here are a few notes from my time spent onTC1 doing the battle. First off the Ophidian camp is north of Papua. It is unchanged from its current location and there you can find the quest givers and the rewards chest for them. Banes are located reletively close to them and just off the main trail that runs north from the bridge. Their camp also has the quest givers for the bane rewards and rewards chest. The rewards chest is similar to the one for the abyss housing. once you have reached 1k in loyalty points for your chosen side you are eligible to receive a reward from the chest. Not sur
  7. to speak in chat you use the comma key " , " as for a gate out of haven it is out the west gate of haven by a couple screens. from the bank just head west. and welcome to u.o. and what shard ya on?
  8. Ok I tamed one and wandered around with it. I want to try and gather some useful information on it. 1) seems to randomly dig up ore. Not sure how long of an interval between attempts for it to do this. 2) If the ore is left on the ground for to long and the beetle is hungry, well the pile of ore is going to be munched (funny crunching noise almost expect a burp after) Now for speculation notes. There is a selection menu on these critters (right click to get options to mine- ore, ore & rock, ore & gems). So that made me curious when I tried to select another option besides just o
  9. Max stable slots for a 3 x 120 tamer (vet, lore, & tame) is 14
  10. I dont know.... I enjoyed testing several of the betas before KR (didnt get into that one until last call and that lasted for what seemed like a week). Would enjoy testing this one as well ***hint, hint** =)
  11. Does anyone know what the going rate is for the Academic book stealables? Been trying to find out for some time but none availible anywhere to even find a range for them. Thanks for any help.
  12. here is another in my stables: Your Pet’s Power Rating: 4.1 [4.1 with skills included] 5 Stars Max Your pet’s data [talisin - Greater Dragon]: Hit Points: 927 Str/Dex/Int: 641 / 125 / 538 Resists: 85 / 86 / 45 / 55 / 65 Skills: Wrestling: 123.7 Tactics: 113.1 Resist: 107.0 Anatomy: 100.0 Healing: 0 Poisoning: 0 Magery: 115.3 Eval Int: 100.0 Meditation: 100.0 Power Ratings (% of max): Stats: 90% / 100% / 80% Hit Points: 93% Resists: 100% / 96% / 82% / 92% / 87% And while merlin is impressive he has a twin out there in Omega Leila's dragon. stats are so much alike that where
  13. Possible soloution that may be overlooked here. I networked my computers so was able to turn on file sharing and transfered everything over that way. once I was done turned it off. Had two dif computers and setups and files transfered and have run glitch free since.
  14. Well done so far. I always thought that the calc weighted things differently than what I consider important for a pet. For example my dragon Merlin has been a hard to beat dragon in finding one that is balanced in all skills/resists/hps. Can always seem to find them with 2/3 but rare is a find that has 3/3 and considered a "keeper" and I look daily. Merlins score went from a trained 3.6/3.8 (cant remember) on the old scale to a 4.3 using the new formulas/weighting. More in line to what I know he is capable off. here is his stats: Your Pet’s Power Rating: 4.3 [4.3 with skills included]
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