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  1. Hello Zeddar Welcome back after so long time. Silvervale Citiziens still arround! I looking forward to see u soon.
  2. Hello Asmadi about prices and which vendor u can check out Buy UO Gold - Find anything on SearchUO - Free Cheap Ultima Online Gold - Items - Search UO, few other vendors arround yew moongate.
  3. Welcome back and on Chessy ^^
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish u a great Day..
  5. short question to ur template Corvak... well the new crafting Imbuing... is it not only for the race Gargoyle? and uhm.. do u not need beside Tailoring, music to craft some stuff from Carpentry? Well i know its depends on what u would like all to craft... just a thought...
  6. Hmm.. so another selfappointed King hu?? Well we Elves have allrdy a King... *whispers.. Oberon...*
  7. Hi there... Well Herding is more a fun-skill. ^^ Couldnt find out yet or note that x-tras from Crooks affects ur Herding skill.. a nice Crook is Katrinas Crook when have macing on ur herder.. Ill still by trying few skill combos out beside main skill from herding, hiding and stealth.. and u not need to have taming to use Herding.. U cant herd through Moongates, not reg ones or casted ones.. or bring outta Dungeons.. =( Their no limits on how many pets u herd... uhm.. last ill tried ill stop to count by over 30 pets... end open... *stampede* When u get attacked by pets, its hard to herd em..
  8. Oni have a bad urge for plants, she cant hold back when see one and need to have all kind of seed. she like to help...always ladylike.. and streches ears... Da'Oni have a faible for purple, likes her bow, can never have enough any kind of pet.. and run always in trouble what gives her legendary in dying... Darth Oni is an opposite herself... always handle between good or evil... and mostly her face turn in same red like the color she wear..
  9. Hmmm.. i must not really being bad this year.. even i get a present!^^ *thinking bout to change this for next year* Thank you! was great fun!
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