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  1. Zann has asked me to share this with all of you who remember and know who he is. paulcasiano@hotmail.com My work is now done back to writing my story.
  2. The late afternoon sun was strong as it pierced the canopy of the large Yew trees. She stumbled and tripped a long the path as if she where an infant learning to walk for the first time. She sighed heavily as her velvet green dress snagged and ripped on a bramble bush. With a heavy sigh she flopped down to the ground in frustration, tears of anger and shame leaked from the once proud woman pale blue eyes. His words echoed through her body and made her soul cry out in defeated anger. Had his will been stronger then hers? Was she really like all those broken souls that she used to pity; had
  3. The sounds metal scrapping across stone echoed through the small tower. A small pale elven hand appeared around the side of the lager door attempting to better its grip and push it open. The grating sound of stone and metal continued echoing for five or so minutes after she managed to push it far enough for her frail body to slip through. The light kissed the pale face of the woman for the first time in years. Blue eyes look around with a mixture of sadness and relief. “ Freedom.. But at what cost.” The woman flopped to the ground. “He hasn’t let me go.. I still feel his icy grip on my heart
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