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  1. Want to buy a castle... Tram or Fel ok. Prefer on grass (no swamp) ICQ: 207-625-694
  2. Not yet. Since I could take off the sling today I am doing the exercise the doc had me do last week when I saw him. It's just a basic stretch exercise (stand by wall & use fingers to crawl up the wall.. thus raising the arm). I'm not sure I should do much more yet because of the bone graft. I see my doc again in 3 weeks. Until then I'm going to try to make some process but gentle progress. My arm muscles bother me more than the incision sites now. The bruises are pretty much gone but when my pain med starts to wear off it feels like a boxer hit me in the arm a few times. But... it's great to have the sling off!! =)
  3. Surgery went fine! My doc had forgotten to tell me I also had a torn rotator cuff. He told me right before I went into surgery. He fixed it all up and also did a bone graft (took bone/bone marrow from hip). So I kinda had 2 surprises. But, it's all good. I have to wear the arm sling until Friday then I hope to be able to drive again. Well, actually I will go ahead & drive on Thursday to my family Thanksgiving Day hoopla. =) Thanks for all the good wishes! I think I am mending very well... fast even. - Saf
  4. Update (using same old surgery thread) I'm having shoulder surgery tomorrow morning. Doc found dead bone in it. I don't know how typing will be for a while since it's my right shoulder. But, I'll be baaack sometime soon. - Saf
  5. When you're in game, ask on the chat channel. Type a "," then your message (don't type the quote marks). Someone will likely help you out... gate you to a rune library & scrolls vendor... maybe give you some recall scrolls etc.
  6. A Fan Site, in essence, should be for & about the fans- not the company. It should provide more game info than the company does. Hmmm.. easy win there!
  7. Haha, it does kinda look like Van's avatar!
  8. Wow, I think I have some of these stashed away in chests. I have a ton of old shields. I'll look through them and post a few pics.
  9. Online games installed are: UO, WoW, FFXI Online, Warhammer. I haven't played FFXI or warhammer in years but I still reinstalled them when I got my last new PC. Offline games are: The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and some smaller games like Hoyle Board & Card, Suduko, and a Majhong game. I also play Solitaire (mindlessly) for a bit before heading to bed. The last Playstation I bought was the original. I have a Nintendo 64 too. hehe I didn't follow the console gaming path when i saw the price of the games.
  10. Drac Train pulls into the Europa Station... All aboard, next stop Napa Valley, then Catskills!
  11. Yep, corporate greed. Not about quality or satisfying customers.
  12. I am still on Drach waiting to go to EU. I didn't want to chance it yesterday when they were working on the servers.
  13. I have 2 dyes & tickets left on Chessy if you want to trade. Will see what else I have there.
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