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  1. Gather in the Stonekeep Brothers the Guardsmen have invited us to a battle training.
  2. Well I said i was going to try run some events this week and by the looks of current things it dosen't seem it will happen' I've had a few problems creep up and with work little time for myself to UO so mainly see me on next week hopefully or asap Sorry guys Player of Lyons
  3. Right with Gendin going away Im going to be organising a few events probally training's, hunts and a couple of roleplay based ones which maybe lesson's on the virtues or something. What I want to know is Whats everyones usual activty Days etc If you fill out this tiny template and post below so I can get a general idea Cheers! :icon_thumleft: Player of Wolfram Activty: Character name: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday : Saturday: Sunday:
  4. Summer Festivel of Yew What: Summer Festivel of Yew! When: 7pm onwards Saturday 6/06/09. Where: Yew Town! The Guardsmen of Yew are hosting a Festivel Market in Yew town! Come along all! Citizens of Britannia! Those who wish to run a store come along and set up your store! There will be a wine tasting Palour and a small combat area you can bet on! Other things such as baths and a race will Occur! The winner reciving! A Prize of Twenty Thousand Gold ~Signed~ Kevin Longshot Guard of Yew (OOC: All enemy guilds come in dusguises and yes elves are welcome)
  5. Quiet..... ah well, Phil you crazy daft bugger!, what you done! Here's me on my hols in Tennerife..
  6. See he knows the truth, nah Declan I'd still wtf pwan you vanilla Warriors ftw, biatch! Battle axer lumber the old sool warrior only one you want! You'd be a woman in a leetard! aite!
  7. Let's go back to old skool everything GM scrap all powerscrolls stat etc etc, all iron arm ftw, no focus! Woo! Old days roxxors!
  8. This made me laugh cause they're everywhere these days! Unlucky! I'd be more bothered about bannin quivers again tbh, two shot skills is PvP destroyer and any rp.... but yeah 70,60,60,60,60 suits ftw if your clever enough
  9. http://www.guvadan.net/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&day=2007-11-21&e=511&c=1
  10. http://www.guvadan.net/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&day=2007-11-21&e=511&c=1
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