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  1. Where exactly ? Did ya get any rains or some overdose like some areas got ?
  2. I was kinda hoping for a bit more rain up here at the top of Mississippi where I live. Our lawn is sorta brown green so dry ! But aside from the 70% chance of rains maybe today looks like Issac preferred heading on up to Ark. But the Miss River needs water so hopefully it will get some needed rain somewhere on the once mighty Miss. river.
  3. PS. I do not watch the overdose of *reality* tv shows, most of em are stupid, like the real housewives of who cares, or gator killas speakin some form of cajun creole english, I barely fathom what they are sayin anyhow. I used to like the one, with fishin for seafood, Deadliest Catch, up till capt. Phil died. Now it's same ol same and boring. bleh
  4. NCIS NCIS LA Covert Affairs Royal Pains Big Bang Theory The Mentalist Bones The Closer when really bored: How it's made & science channels news on nearly every network yet I turn it off on the politcal bs and the conventions the weather channel
  5. Justin Beeeeeby...that and grabbing his crotch like he's got something itching him. yeh Justin BABY I can't stand that kid nor his music. Stupid plastic bags at the grocery stores, where they feel they must slap heavy stuff in one bag, and then myriads of light stuff, in double plastic bags.
  6. Yeh firearms sales soared. No surprise !
  7. LOL I have a brit friend on Siege, that always keeps telling me, we are 'still' one of UK's "colonies". I keep tellin him, someone back in the day shouted " do not fire till you see the whites of their eyes" and a buncha independant thinking 1700's crazy gun toting Americans, all shot at the Brits !
  8. I quess you will have to weep, for our country, then.
  9. I enjoyed it. I really liked the Queen/James Bond moments. I was not totally convinced that Mary Poppins would put an end to children's nightmares though, unfortunately soon as all the Mary Poppins showed up, I got stuck with a song in my head....instead... a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down. LOL Not even sure if that song is from Mary Poppins but the song popped into my head. Enjoyed Mr. Bean as well. But when the torches and all the scenery all over with pyramid shapes, circles shapes and all that light of the torches, my brain only thought of Pink Floyd music which I want
  10. Hey now watch what yall say about us old hippy baby boomers !! Yes I AM ADDICTED perma like to hard rock. I WAS probaably addicted to playing UO for 14.5 yrs. till recently ! I draw the line at texting my husband across the dinner table to talk to each other, which I do see the younger generations doing it !! So there , my 3yr old grandson has his own android phone apps ! By time he gets 21 or so, his generation may be 'wired' to machines...for all we know! I laugh at the car commercial that shows a *kid* sayin she thinks her parents are becoming antisocial, ie not with 600 friends on
  11. He seems to me like perhaps a spoiled brat with lots of cash to blow on weps. ammo and fatal stuff in his apartment to kill far more than he had. It is very fortunate that we also did not lose all the first responders or police or just folks in the apt. complex and beyond as well. He also may be highly intelligent but perhaps somewhere along the way, either not getting his way, or being told what he would become perhaps by a parent he *acted out* instead ...dunno folks will be trying to fathom this 24 yr. olds so called motives for mos. to come yet. In court this morning he sorta looked lik
  12. I still remember the pet food fatalities. Even to this day, when I buy my Shelties dog food, I am LABEL reading and hoping it is some form of honest labeling, cuz I do not want my pets or self to croak with foods from wherever that just seem unregulated or just dumb ideas. But then again, the last box of *chinese*food I bought, cuz if anyone can make chinese food in a box, it should be the Chinese right ? Rice from Central America, the chile peppers from Mexico, the box made, in USA, assembled in Central America, spices from India.... all this clearly marked actually on the box for my wanch
  13. Thank you for all that you have done. You have the artistic talent to end up working ANYWHERE, so may as well stay where ya are. Over the years of UO, staffers of all sorts been moved around east coast, Austin Texas, West Coast etc. etc. and they EA has lost a lot of talent in their never ending moving around over all these UO years. Their loss not yours, UO's loss too sadly. But sometimes it is what it is. My husband not being art talented, has had one main form of employment for decades. But we had to move all over the nation, every time the airline either became *another* airline goobl
  14. Oh btw the most peculiar thing I ever ate, was at the southern fair last year here. I have NEVER tasted alligator meat before. Ya know when ya go to local or state fairs, the usual foods are always there, corn dogs, burgers, cotton candy and all that...well last year a vendor come up HERE from further south USA, selling gator meat in his fair vendoring spot. Now ya always take your risk with foods at the local fairs, but I never had alligator before, and figured ...ok not on my *bucket list* of things to do or try before I rl dirtnap, but what the heck TRY IT. I was amazed !! *sorta ta
  15. I love to cook. I grew up with Italian Immigrants to USA for grandparents. I COOK Italian foods very well. Nothing says Yum like a plate of pasta with home made sauces and meatballs no stupid Ragu or storebought sauces, in this household nooooooo way !! I also love cookin Mexican and Chinese, and yum. But this time of year being it is hot out, I usually crave cold stuff like tato salads, tuna salads, egg salads, deviled eggs, fruity goodies, and watermellon, and hubby is exceptionally grand at slow cooking in the smoker RIBS and steaks on the grill. And tons of salads for summer tim
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