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  1. Bah, just waiting for the next return to brittania event
  2. Kill the healers at Healers grove? Not sure at what rate the Priests of Mondain should respawn.
  3. Someone on stratics reports that it is a known problem and ea looks into it ... hopefully
  4. Game needs a good graphic update. Outsourcing to gamers is probably legally difficult, as EA/Broadsword is in it for the cash. For your dying hair problem. Next time check out the shades on the test shard. And yes UO is buggy and they call it features.
  5. UO is sort of outsorced to Broadsword and has 4-5 developers. One of them is an artist, so don't expect much of graphic updates. High resolution update for the EC with redoing some of the artwork is cancelled. The thing with the trial accounts is valid, but I am not sure roadsword can change it as the billing system is still handled by EA. This UO is what you get, don't expect big changes. They neither have the money nor manpower.
  6. Hmm, a new year started! UO had an expansion they kept secret. EA is still the evil empire. Sandbox MMORPGs are announced everywhere. One day there will be cookies for everyone!!!!!
  7. *pokes callumf with a stick* Wake up oldtimer. There is a fat burgler with a reindeer cart stealing your goodies! Merry Christmas!
  8. Kaelyn


    Send Iljian a message, I think he tried to keep some books, maybe yours is among them. Else some of the other geezers should be about and know something, keep poking them with sticks.
  9. Hard to say with such bugs. You can try switching sound off in UO and see if it helps. Some UO sounds made my CC client crash a few years ago.
  10. Ok, we are almost a year later. Alpha acces for $ 40 pledges is open. It is alpha .. it is buggy ... but damn it is a game where I can put things down. Bears don't drop gold... there is actual server code if you want and are able to change things.... There is sort of treasure hunting, housing, stealing is possible. Is it perfect? No! But damn I wish EA had upgraded UO to such a level. It seems streaming is ok now. A video of a streamer playing with supreem on shards can be found here http://www.twitch.tv/docgotgame/v/29746030
  11. Sounds interesting and good luck. The Brazilian Scene always had some bigger freeshard communities. As for an UO replacement ... I doubt it. I still hope shards online will manage that.
  12. Die Chars sollten noch da sein. EA löscht seit Jahren keine Chars mehr, damit Spieler eher zurückkommen. Schau mal auf die http://uo.com/ Seite und Account Management dort.
  13. Bah we are just lurking Very deep in the shadows
  14. *a note is left on the desk of Sergeant Iljian* I drafted this report from the braggings of a drunk customer in the tavern tonight Kara They met at the Kings castle where the king held a speech. The King claimed that Juka attacked us and that we managed to capture their general. After torture the general confessed that they were looking for a new home. King Blackthorne agreed to help the Juka if they worked with us and became our servants. They agreed and this is why were were summoned to free the town of Mistas for the Juka. After jumping a gate the army arrived at Mistas and the war
  15. LOL, sounds like a solution for midlife crisis. Send me to mars!
  16. It seems like a decent concept though implementation of it will be tough. How long will a 'season' be, how will they make it that content stays interesting, will there be extra 'events'? Lots of games promised the world and delivered vapour. I still think the shards-online concept is superior, but with good implementation crowfall could attract more players that shards may. Good luck!
  17. It looks decent though it will be more pvp centric I think. You might also want to look at shards online http://shardsonline.com/. Is from ex uo devs and aimed at modable gameplay.
  18. If you got a second account or friend then log in with a char that has gm in a weaponskill and fight them. If the partner tabs out and does not swing you just heal him and you should gain.
  19. *you see a shrivelled dried finger bone and a note in a small sack* The note in the sack says Dear Lord Dupre This wishing bone is an heirloom of my mother. Rumours say it is the last piece of a once mighty wizard and if you believe hard enough it can make anything true. It has kept me and my family safe as long as I remember, so that means that it works. I would consider lending you the power of my talisman to defeat these monsters, though I would expect a proper compensation from such a fine Lord as you are. Dame Edna of Cove
  20. First Sony then EA .... time for companies to invest in better security
  21. THP wandered the shards and this is a sum up Its pretty obvoius trawling all the 27 shards [my world tour]...there are 5 groups of shards 1. highest populous... by a country mile is Atlantic...[housing market is still bouyant although slowing down and vendor shops/markets litter the land even malas is well well used] 2. above average populous...4 shards Great Lakes and Chessy in the west and Asuka and Yamato in the east... [castles are sought after and pay high...even placing a keep is hard, more likely to have to buy one in tram and lots of vendors/shops....even life in malas on these 4
  22. To Captain Iljian! I just returned from a vacation in Vesper when a mob of angry merchants demanded to speak to the captain and demanded that I imprison the mayor Aryala. Some crazy void hole has opened in the middle of bloody Trinsic and spewed out some monsters. Lady Aryala and the town guards managed with a little help of the royal amateurs to beat back the first wave of creatures and control the area long enough for some crazy sorcerers to get that void gate under control. The sorcerers chanted some incantations souring all the milk of Trinsic if what I hear from townsfolk is true.
  23. *shrugs* It is either shards or runuo for me.
  24. Too bad they did not manage it. Blizzard for example is famous for taking good/proven concepts and honing them to perfection. The concept of UO is still good, so why not copy it?
  25. We were called to help Skaros, one of the King's men, on Sunday and were to meet at the usual place in Britain. Due to some travel difficulties and a pounding headache from bad Vesperian ale I arrived a little late in Britain, but luckily either the king in his drunken stupor or one of his advisors had gotten the date wrong and so our help seemed not to be needed. Instead, a greenish glowing bone dragon that went by the name of Memen Tor appeared in front of the gathered crowd to challenge us with various threats and a variation of "Trick or Treat". Even though there was no sign of any actua
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