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  1. I'm thankful I am still friends with all my UOF/GOE Buddies still :) <3
  2. I'll be back this summer in full force, in the mean time send me the link
  3. My bank (M&T) Charges a $10 fee every month and then reverses it (I think because I have direct deposit). You should call your bank and ask what their monthly fee is for. They may charge you if you don't keep a minimum balance. Also - its hard to use bank website to balance your account. I keep two checking accounts. One with M&T and one with a Credit Union. The Credit Union can take days to update transactions, so it appears I have more money in there then I do. M&T updates pretty accurately.
  4. Oh God don't try Manic Panic! My ex bf dyed our Cat Baxter FUCHSIA. I washed him twice a day for a month and he was still pink! It took a YEAR for his hair to turn white again, and I assume it was because it was all new hair! PS Miss you guys!
  5. I'm not a big fan over too much Cinnamon either, but I love Cinnamon Buns! I must visit Sweden during this Holiday!
  6. Thank you guys! Tabs & Nok, loved the videos! Vepl, I had a great day, I had cake at work, and then I had my birthday dinner with my Mom, sisters and niece and nephew
  7. I think WOW has a huge player base, I just don't think their magazines or books are entertaining enough to follow. I know a lot of people are into WOW lore, but I'm not one of them. Plus I imagine it is a very slow story line. I'm not sure how often its published, but I don't think its on par with most comics. I do have to admit that the artwork is A+, I do own a book or two, and they are quiet lovely, but they don't grab my attention enough to want to buy all of them.
  8. That doesn't sound right! And what is your sister doing popping that thing!
  9. "la la la la Snuggles Song...la la la la. I love to sing la la la Snuggles Song...I love the music I love the words...thaaaats Snuggles Song..." Sing it with me Harbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "la la la la Harbags Song...la la la la. I love to sing la la la Harbags Song...I love the music I love the words...thaaaats Harbags Song..." I shall be singing this all day thank you.
  10. Happy Birthday Harbag! I made you this sweet card!
  11. I hope they both grow up. I'm sorry about your luck with inlaws Farsight,
  12. There are still probably those carpet track things against the wall (thin pieces of wood with lots of tiny tacks sticking through them). Be careful! They rust and splinter easy!
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