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  1. Do you know how to use guild and alliance chat? If you check your guild roster and see guildmates online, just yell at them with guild chat.
  2. Luna in Malas is the busiest city and these days players catch up with each other via the general chat channel. Unfortunately, trial accounts are stuck in help chat so you might be missing out on the shard hunts that get planned or the pvp battles going on. Are you still playing Catskills? I play Pacific myself but one of the things you can do is get in a guild/alliance on a trial account and connect to people via guild/alliance chat.
  3. Welcome back. I play Pacific myself but I wanted to mention that on Pac, all the regulars hop on general chat to catch up with each other.
  4. Yeah, for plots that aren't rectangular, I don't think you can switch it back to customizable, particular since the max customizable plot is 18x18. You'll have to demolish and replace but you'll likely have to wait out the week timer to place a house again before you do that.
  5. You can't customize customize towers, keeps, or castles using the house editor. For that you need to change it to a customizable plot. You can, however, place craftable walls and floors and such which is a relatively new addition. I'm not that familiar with them as I always go with customizable plots myself.
  6. Hi and welcome! What shard are you playing? If you happen to be playing Pacific, let me know and I'll do what I can to help. I don't really know where to find new player guide myself, but I think some of the others might be able to point you in the right direction. I will also say this: there are no mistakes in UO. If you start off with certain skills, you can always change them later. Don't be afraid to experiment. Having said that, there are a few skills which are far more difficult to train up than others. Animal taming is one of them and the barding skills (Peacemaking, Provocatio
  7. IFRAME Not Available. Direct Link to Google Document.
  8. Without a doubt New Haven. Which shard are you playing?
  9. I suggest hopping into the General Channel on Global Chat and asking either Tinkerbell or Lunk for assistance. They should be able to assist you in setting up gear for your sampire. By the way, who do you play in-game?
  10. I'd email Mesanna directly and explain the situation: mesanna@broadsword.com
  11. If you upgraded from a trial account, you are missing the following: Stygian Abyss: Gargoyle Race, Throwing, Mysticism, and Imbuing as well as access to Ter Mur and the Stygian Abyss Dungeon High Seas: Access to the new larger ships and pirate hunting as well as fishing stuff which I'm totally unfamiliar with Time of Legends: Access to Eodon as well as to Skill Masteries. Furthermore, each new publish seems to release new content in these lands which is where you'll find the bulk of the players these days as they enjoy the latest thing. Smaller Entitlements: Rustic Theme: Rustic house
  12. Sadly there is no tutorial. I had an idea to make tutorial videos, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. The best thing I can tell is, don't worry about making mistakes. You can always change your skills around at a later time. Atlantic is the busiest server but if you should happen to choose Pacific, let me know. That is my shard. What type of character did you think you'd make to start off with?
  13. I'm on Pacific myself, but question for you: are you on a trial account right now? If you are already subscribed, might want to try hoping in the General Channel of Global Chat and putting this message out there. I know on Pacific it's where all the regulars chit chat.
  14. When you're ready to join, you can either buy a game time code from the Origin Store and apply it to your account or you can go straight to your account and click the subscribe option. Getting the game code from the Origin Store gives you the option of buying EA cards from Target or Walmart (in the event you can only pay with cash).
  15. Welcome back! What Petra said is great info. The veterans of Pacific all use the General Channel of Global Chat to catch up with each other and you often hear about the impromptu hunts which get organized there. These days, most of those are involved with the new lands of Eodon as Broadsword releases new content there with every patch. Guild and alliance chat is another excellent way to keep in the loop about what is going on and it is accessible to trial accounts. RAW is probably the largest most active guild right now, but I myself am leader of the Twilight Fellowship and manager of th
  16. Yeah, you'll find them in Fel. Just hit the Fel Britain moongate and you'll see a bunch of them right there.
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