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  1. Assuming all those are real points. You would only have 32 free points to put spell weaving on that tamer. You probably want to save those points to get your taming above 100.
  2. Yes to multiplayer. Rule sets for multiplayer vary wildly.
  3. Attaching the 'frickin laser beams' to a crocodile has much different connotations than say a .... Chihuahua. Just sending different messages I guess.
  4. I've heard from different sources that you need 120 Mage to get those books. I know from experience that 110 or 115 doesnt cut it. I'm not sure about eval and med though.
  5. All better, thanks you!
  6. I also have one of those notifications for a visitor message that won't go away.
  7. At launch you could only gain by unravelling up to a certain point. After the fact in a patch they added the ability to gain by unraveling all the way up to 120. (not as much gain as at lower levels but gains nonetheless.) This may explain the discrepancy.
  8. I was recently killed by a mongbat. But I'm feeling much better now.
  9. The online versions of d1 and d2 were ruined by the decision to store the player records locally on each pc. Hacking the player record happened within the first few weeks of play, and a few mOnths in there was a tool for any old jackwagon to do it themselves. The hacks were like one hit kills you, all the way up to getting killed standing in town. The game became unplayable. For this reason alone online saves sound like a good thing to me.
  10. I've played on LS since 2002. No bugs I know of.
  11. The publish says to bring 2-3 friends to the encounter. Sucks dying on yer boat ... I ran quests off and on all weekend, others i know ran them more than I did and still no oracle or bait. AFAIK no one has popped it yet.
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