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  1. Any chance of a list of places most likely to be hit in UK/Manchester area? if the bomb drops i wanna be the 1st to go, life after would not be worth living imo... Elf.
  2. Is the calc down, cant seem to get on the site? Elf.
  3. Is it still possible to get this, the links dont work for me. Elf.
  4. He forgot to mention they put a metal tag with explosives around your neck, if they send the signal you lose your head Elf.
  5. In addition to his scams with offering to move items for free as he is coming to your shard and is a kind soul. He also attempts to sell a 15 year account with anything from 2 - 18 vet rewards left to pick, 500mil in gold, 100's of millions worth of other stuff, will take other items/rl cash in exchange (Obv you hand over your items first and wave goodbye) If it was me and i had bought gold or items from him in the last few months i would reverse the payments as he gains his gold/items by scamming Naive/trusting/stupid players of which i possibly fall into all 3 categories depending on my al
  6. Josh ICQ 476648209, if you have had any dealings with this person over the last few month's and have paid using Paypal or a credit card, please file a reversal or did not recieve items as this person is a known scammer in UO and makes his gold by selling his ill gotten gains to un suspecting Citizens. Please pass this on to people you know within the UO community. Elf.
  7. This is a problem on Europa too, A certain few want to tame and sell them, so unless they get the taming message they disrupt the person who manges to start taming it. Then they think it's ok if they drag it off and start taming it themselves, well i say Blergh to that, it's gonna be a dead warhorse if your not going to give me a equal chance to get it. Elf.
  8. Personally i do not think there is a fix for UO's economy, it has got to the state it is over the last 10 years, no fix will please everybody. Also, somebody said earlier that vet players sell items for 3 - 4x what they are worth, nobody forces people to pay those prices, if i want something and i want it quite badly, then it is worth more to me than maybe somebody who wants it but is willing to wait a while and maybe find it cheaper on another vendor / site. People will only pay what a item is worth to them. When i first started playing UO 7years ago i had nothing, i used Ebay and sites like
  9. Ingame, 5yrs on Atlantic then moved to Europa 2 Xmas's ago RL Grew up in Nott's moved to Manchester nearly 8 yrs ago. Elf.
  10. So, Whats everybody going to be collecting points for? I am going to be getting a set of NS Earings for each of my Human chars, but apart from that i cant really see much point in anything else. Elf.
  11. Lol, that even puts my beer belly to shame! Elf.
  12. Ok, so we have a How many Rat coins do you have thread, How about a Rubble thread? I will start with, Hmm about 700 Rubble Elf.
  13. 1 of each, and got close to losing them by nearly buying something with them in backpack... Elf.
  14. Elffin

    Hiding - gosh!

    I GM'ed Hiding recently, I did most of 90 - GM just by doing dungeon crawls looking for Artie to steal. I now have 200+ arty 1 - 9 items and a GM Hider Elf.
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