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  1. hi guys ive returned after a few months break and was wondering what the best pvp templates are now a days i have a few which i put together before i left but im not sure if there useless or not so any help will be gratful. id like to know both dexxer and mage templates and suits now imbuling is around? thxs guys
  2. Raze

    new forums

    argh im in need of forums bad aswell hehe aye u might aswell delete the reap forums =-/
  3. Raze

    new forums

    yes please if thats possable ( the private area) and no now where playing lexia shard
  4. Raze

    new forums

    yes mate it was any chance to could be renamed "Enter The Matrix (EtM)"
  5. hi i was wondering how or if i could have a new forum for my guild and also if this forums was for osi shards only i currently have the reap forum but im nolonger playing that shard and was hoping to make a new forums for the guild im runing now its been that long since i signed up for the forums ive forgotten how i did it lol any info will be grateful thxs a lot raze
  6. Is this the patch ? i mean anyone know if the changes are included in this recent patch?
  7. wasnt there talk of some changes to barbed runics aswell like boosting what you get?
  8. thxs for the update helps a lot
  9. any updates on when the runic changes are coming in ? also what are the changes going to be ? ive got a lot of barbed runic and there burning a hole in my chest lol :laugh:
  10. What slayers work on the peerless if any ? anyone know? also is the dreadhorn flute thing a slayer for the dreadhorn if not what is it ?
  11. thanks for info everyone helps loads anymore is welcome tho hehehe what temp is good for bushido chiv for the proxy? and what weapon? thxs ;-)
  12. no didnt know that actually is there more chance of a crimson etc in fel then?
  13. just like to know what a com crystal named "light" is worth, if anyone knows?
  14. Hello all i was wondering if anyone could help me with a template for peerless, i mainly do shimmering but do just about them all (only grizzle i aint done yet but hoping to do so soon) if some knows could u please tell me the best templates for each peerless boss, i know bushido dexxer used to be good but since the evasion changes im not really sure and i dont want to spend a fortune on my char completeing him to find it doesnt work nomore. also if possable could someone please tell me what weapons suit mods etc etc just about everything Hope to hear from you guys soon and thanks for takin
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