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  1. At the request of Governor Winfield, the following rules of engagement are submitted, and all participants whether defending merchant shipping lanes and communities or the pirates who attack them are bound to observe and abide by them. These rules have already been mutually agreed upon by Crimson Guards, Royal Brittanian Guards, United Sosarian Navy, and the Order of the Crimson Pirates. 1. No looting: Bodies and ship's holds are off limits to looting. However, each ship will provide a chest to include the following which includes but is not limited to: 1 mill gold, 10-15 rounds of ammo, charges, and fuses, 100 each boards, ingots, and cloth, 1-3 bottles of player made hootch, and a book with the ship's name and crew manifest. 2. No res killing: Players who die and are resurrected shall keep their death robes on until healed and ready to engage in combat. Players will not cast spells or physically attack players in death robes. However, cannon fire may still occur, and as such, it is incumbent on the crew to evade cannon fire or otherwise make the decision if resurrections are safe and/or practicable. 3. Full quarter shall be given: Once a ship is scuttled and crew is either killed or announces surrender, all cannon fire shall cease. The winning ship is entitled to the booty of the chest, but cannons shall remain in place, hold unmolested, and the crew shall be afforded resurrections. The crew will also be allowed to effect emergency repairs and shall not be pursued while they sail to facilities to effect permanent repairs. Again, these rules have been agreed upon and are expected to be observed and complied with fully to ensure fun is maximized. The issue of pets and summons was also discussed, however, there are no "rules" so to speak. I will offer these insights which were discovered a few years ago while testing possibilities for a "death regatta" event. While pets can prove to be a force multiplier in PvP, they are more of a nuisance at sea. The presence of pets on ships proved to be more of a hinderence at freedom of movement about the decks than they were practicle at injuring enemy Sailors. If you do employ pets, you do so at your own peril. Using summons, such as EV's and Rising Collosus will suredly negatively impact the enemy crew in as much as they will also restrict their free movement about the decks. However, using summons will also bring the inherent risk of having them used against you. If you find these risks acceptable, then by all means, but don't say I didn't warn you. The most important aspect of these series of events is to above all, have fun. We engaged a sole pirate vessel crewed by only one pirate. Despite having a crew of 5, it was indeed a challenge to find, pursue, and line up cannon shots. All involved were excited, enthusiastic, and are choping at the bit to do more, and to include more people on both sides! I guarantee there will not be an event like this series.
  2. From the pen of Wat the Tyler: Greetings and salutations to the PaxLair Statehood. I have been granted authority to draw warrants and charters in order to purchase necessary supplies. As the Crimson Pirates continue to be a detriment to the trade routes throughout Britannia as well as several communities of lawful folk, the Crimson Guards, Royal Britannian Guards, and United Sosarian Navy have set out to end the tyrany brought on by the vile pirates. As such, it is necessary to purchase supplies such as wood, cloth, and ingots in order to maintain a viable capability to seek out and destroy pirate shipping on the high seas. Purchases will be made in bulk, and I stand by eagerly to enter into negotiations with the towns of PaxLair, Dragon's Watch, and Aryslan. I will make it a point to be at the next meeting of the Statehood so that negotiations can begin upon completion of the PaxLair Statehood regular business. If that is inconvenient to the PaxLair Statehood, I am willing to schedule another meeting, so that valuable negotiations can be conducted. May the Vitues guide you, Wat the Tyler Diplomat of Guardians Gate
  3. Great Story! Please get in touch some time. Hope you still have my icq.
  4. Ah, yes, and how painful was it to fight only to have fellow warriors and mages chastise the efforts as they wanted to collect pieces of the town as it was torn apart?
  5. My apologies for not posting this earlier, but I came across this story while searching for some other files. As it mentions PaxLair and a few of the prominent folks specifically, I offer it for your archives and for your enjoyment. I believe it was written during the early days of the invasion, as no mention is made of the destruction that later was layed. Battle Lines Drawn It has been two days since reinforcements came. The Forces of PaxLair had halted the demon advance in the northern portion of Maginica while the Royal Britanian Guards, Dues Ex Machina, the United Sosarian Navy, and various other orders and guilds managed to limit the momentum of the demons spilling from the gate. The fighting has now stabilized, and the able bodied citizens had been put to work bolstering the defenses protecting the Magincia docks with great success. "This be a target rich environment!" Gowron yelled as he felled another demon. "Aye, shipmate!" Captain Greylene yelled as she felled yet another. Shortly after that another wave of demons barrelled through the gate, and in the chaos of the fighting, they soon became separated. He could see Captain Budshadow fighting valiantly accross the battlefield, but was too heavily engaged to be able to rush through to join him. "By King Neptunis Rex, there're just too many, and so close to pushing them back." Gowron cursed. He had just managed to push through to the gate, only to find the advance being repelled by the horde. Injured and armor in dire need of repair, he fought a retreat towards the healers in the secured area. No sooner than the wounds healed and armor repaired, he was ready to head back towards the gate in an effort to reunite with his shipmates when a small contingent of defenders were fending off one of those foul Dark Fathers and the spawn they brought with them from penetrating the southern line blocking the secure area. "The Navy will have to wait." Gowron sighed and charged into the fray. "FOR LORD BRITISH AND BRITANNIA!" The consolidated efforts brought the emergent threat to a fall, but with losses. After slaying the remnants of undead followers, it became obvious that the demons were starting to gain momentum in the northern area of the city. After some hours of fighting it was good to see Lord NANOC and Lady Phoenix holding steady on the eastern coast. Lo and behold, Governor Winfield had entered the fray as well. Gowron, in a complete moment of astonishment yelled. "Governor, this is much too dangerous for fishing! We must get you to a safer area." "Nonsense, Gowron. It is never too dangerous to fish. Corp Por!" responded the Governor as he too fell a soldier of the demon horde. "Somehow, Governor, I will never cease to be amazed by what tricks you can come up with. I must inform you, that we still have not seen the Berzerker Demons in the numbers during the probing runs earlier. I believe that they are being held in reserve. We must consider trying to bring them out." "Very well, Chief." the governor responded. "Once, I retire from this fishing trip, I will see what can be done."
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