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  1. At the request of Governor Winfield, the following rules of engagement are submitted, and all participants whether defending merchant shipping lanes and communities or the pirates who attack them are bound to observe and abide by them. These rules have already been mutually agreed upon by Crimson Guards, Royal Brittanian Guards, United Sosarian Navy, and the Order of the Crimson Pirates. 1. No looting: Bodies and ship's holds are off limits to looting. However, each ship will provide a chest to include the following which includes but is not limited to: 1 mill gold, 10-15 rounds of ammo
  2. From the pen of Wat the Tyler: Greetings and salutations to the PaxLair Statehood. I have been granted authority to draw warrants and charters in order to purchase necessary supplies. As the Crimson Pirates continue to be a detriment to the trade routes throughout Britannia as well as several communities of lawful folk, the Crimson Guards, Royal Britannian Guards, and United Sosarian Navy have set out to end the tyrany brought on by the vile pirates. As such, it is necessary to purchase supplies such as wood, cloth, and ingots in order to maintain a viable capability to seek out and
  3. Great Story! Please get in touch some time. Hope you still have my icq.
  4. Ah, yes, and how painful was it to fight only to have fellow warriors and mages chastise the efforts as they wanted to collect pieces of the town as it was torn apart?
  5. My apologies for not posting this earlier, but I came across this story while searching for some other files. As it mentions PaxLair and a few of the prominent folks specifically, I offer it for your archives and for your enjoyment. I believe it was written during the early days of the invasion, as no mention is made of the destruction that later was layed. Battle Lines Drawn It has been two days since reinforcements came. The Forces of PaxLair had halted the demon advance in the northern portion of Maginica while the Royal Britanian Guards, Dues Ex Machina, the United Sosarian Navy, an
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