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  1. Uhm. No. They predate the creation of Trammel. In fact, they helped Nystul to create Trammel.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't clear in what I said. I was speaking mainly of the original Pub 81 changes where they tweaked swing speeds on a few weapons. This has since been mostly undone, however. The extra damage added to these weapons was pathetic anyway. I use a black staff (two handed weapon) on my sampire as it is.
  3. I agree with Warsong. Continuing to converse about sampire skills/stats/gear at this point may be pointless in the extreme. Look at the swing speed of the 2-handed weapons, it's terrible. Even with added SSI, its still terrible. Sampires need to swing as fast/often as possible to remain functional. If the stam changes get rammed down our throats (as I fully expect they will), then sampires will have to be completely rethought from the ground up.
  4. Publish 80 and now 81 prove to me that the Devs are clueless beyond rational comprehension and thus the game is in dire straits. I love how they didn't bother to mention that the Stamina Protection thing meant that now everyone would be taking massive stamina hits for damn near everything. "We're going to make metal armors better!" Translation: "We intend to frack over every single playstyle that even looks at combat. Muhaha, muhahahahahaha!"
  5. I don't really think there is a "beginner" sampire weapon as you rely on their properties to do enough damage to stay alive. It's best not to skimp here. Black Staff: 68 Hit Life Leech, 68 Hit Mana Leech, 50 Hit Stamina Leech, 50 Hit Energy Area, 43 Damage Increase, * 5 Hit Chance Increase (optional enhancement). This is a standard build for a staff and gives you plenty of health/mana to spare, especially when whirlwinding. I'd suggest you make one staff with hit area for cold, energy, fire, and physical - you can make one for poison too, I've just found them less useful. If you need a
  6. I'm going to break with most people on here and suggest that you don't put imbuing on a crafter mule. Instead, I suggest you make a new gargoyle character (as they get the bonus that can become rather important performing a last imbue attempt on something without wasting tons of ingredients) and then put mysticism on it. (Mysticism, specifically the Rising Colossus, gains added strength from Imbuing and/or Focus.) Here is the template for my Imbuer: 100 Evaluate Intelligence (only helps Magery) 80 Focus (added mana regen) 120 Imbuing 100 Item Identification (for fun, mostly, as Pinco's UI
  7. Too much. :-/ The scrolls aren't cheap... Bushido ~7M, Parry ~4M, Macing ~2M The crimson cincture alone is running between 30 and 40M right now, Primers are about 2M, Corgul's sash ~1.5M. The crafted suit is harder to quantify... If you purchase all the components, you could be looking at another 20M+, but you could farm most of it within a few weeks as well. The hardest part is getting the right mods on the heartwood woodland armor, as that can chew up thousands of boards. The weapons (as I have them) were enhanced after imbuing using the Forged Metal tool, so that's an outlay of a
  8. Ultima Forever, last I heard, was planning on a system of keys (5 per day free) that are required to open the loot chest of dungeon bosses - once you run out, you have to purchase more. I expect the key reaction will somewhat mirror the purchasable resurrection mentioned earlier. It effectively caps the amount of "adventuring" one could do per day for free, unless you give into microtransaction. While I can forgive microtransactions in otherwise "free" games, the cash shop for UO has always felt like a slap in the face since we pay a monthly subscription. Especially since things tend to be
  9. Here is a good Sampire template: Female elf (as this allows you to solo Semidar easily) 100 Anatomy 120 Bushido 60 Chivalry (use jewelry to raise it higher, ~70) 120 Macing (so you can use black staves for the whirlwind special...at least until the weapon specials are redone) 100 Necromancy (eat at least a 110 powerscroll, higher if you can find one) 120 Parrying 100 Tactics For stats, you want high dex and str. (Unmodified, I have 105 STR, 36 INT, 114 DEX) Let int stay in the 30's as you rely on leeching for mana. Your suit, should you go the twink route, should be woodland armor
  10. The concept of a light switch could work in UO, but I think actually calling it a "light switch" (a rather modern term) is jarring to most people. Perhaps a more Ultima-esq name would help. While there is some form of electricity in UO, mainly in regards to Exodus, we also have plenty of magic power sources as well. Are power crystals magical constructs or technological ones? Maybe its a bit of both, technomancy. Ultima I-III had high technology mixed with sorcery as part of their plots. Time machines, spaceships, space stations, aliens, phazers/blasters, trips to modern and future Earth,
  11. My question regarding the new letter is what happened regarding this from the June 26th, 2012 letter: "The second part is the future of UO. After we finish the holidays, which does take up a lot of time for creation for Halloween, anniversary, vet rewards etc, we are going to step back and do a major bug fixing publish. Currently we have documented 1173 known bugs in our system, I want to cut that number in half. This bug sprint will not happen till the first of the year so that will give me plenty of time to go over all the bugs in the thread on stratics to make sure we have those doc
  12. There hasn't been an 'Ask & Answer' since 12/03/12. In nine days it will have been two months without one. Is anyone really surprised that it only lasted 12 "weeks"? (See Mythic's utter lack of communication regarding the Atl revert after the initial announcement if you are confused.)
  13. The only spell that affects summons is Arcane Empowerment (Spellweaving), it increases their hit points by 10% and makes them more difficult to dispel. (The spell also gives the caster ~+14 SDI)
  14. The "why they can't" makes no sense. Why would fixing EC books make "the existing books...break"? If the EC can display books written in the CC, then there are no reasons that it can't save text in a similar manner or with similar constraints. This is pretty much what's been asked for since KR came out five years ago. Not being able to make a simple in-game text editor work properly is somewhat shocking.
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