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  1. Agreed, wholeheartedly. Pure mages are a UO institution, from early development on. This will destroy their PvP effectiveness by nullifying their only reliable means of curing poison (potions aren't reliable as they disappear when you die). And throw a big meaty wrench into their group PvM effectiveness by reducing the effectiveness of their Support role.
  2. Or bring a buncha invis scrolls/potions? Follow the Satyr, meaning that'll keep you discoed?
  3. Any knowledgeable powergamers out there interested in writing up a basic, detailed guide on powergaming with the Satyr discord method? I'm a returning player, and much of my powergaming knowledge is outdated. Surely if I am in need of this kinda information, there are plenty others out there who'd also benefit. Thanks.
  4. Maybe you figured this out in the meantime, but I'll speak up anyways. You were getting hit less surely because of Anatomy (ie the Anatomy + Eval Int wrestle defense). That is also the reason you want to equip a non proficient weapon to train parry, rather than going unarmed, to remove Anatomy from the Defense equation. I have no idea why a bloodwood spirit should help you in defense. And I've always used Deer to train my parry, along with a few suits of non runic dull copper to max out phys resist on the cheap.
  5. Any new strategies for Wrestling? Seems you can't swing a fishing pole anymore.
  6. I have always been extremely effective soloing in Exodus (I've done that quest so many times it's insane). In fact, I find I die less solo, as it's rather hard to coordinate most groups around paragons and such. Your targets will be one of the four ends, North, East, South or West. There are large rooms there that each spawn overseers and minions. I usually kill off any controllers in the way with EVs, as their spells hit kinda hard if you aren't wearing a good resist suit. Once I get to the room of my choice, I aim an EV in as far as I can towards the spawn, run around the corner and invi
  7. I have studied the ways of magic for many years, and with my return I have began studying the forms of magic recently brought to Britannia by the return of the elves. I am currently an Expert (80.0 skill) but am progressing rapidly in my assimilation of this new style of magic, and I plan to become at least an Elder in the Art. One difficulty I have found however is a lack of partners for forming Arcane Circles to increase our powers. The benefits of forming large Arcane Circles are immense, yet it seems the demand for them is strangely low. I request all interested Arcanists reply here or
  8. The young Sorcerer toiled in his lab for the tenth hour straight this day, he had done so for as many days. The spell caster Led was finally nearing a breakthrough. All his hard work collecting obscure ingredients, blackrock, pixie wings, unicorn horns even the heart of an ethereal warrior, would finally pay off. The was a creaking at the steps to his lab, "not another damned interruption" he grumbled. Moments later he heard a voice, speaking an arcane incantation, though he could not determine the words of power used. He wasn't truly alarmed until he saw the lock of the door, and even the b
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