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  1. Thanks for the help folks. Is there anything else "hi end" recommended? I kinda outa room in the bank for gold deeds, because of other stuff (bleu sets, hi end hammers, etc...) Still hope to be able to really play someday when dsl, wireless, or cable gets out my way (and affordable). Thanks!
  2. Mined enough for gold to buy a Crimson Cinture. (I still have dial-up, so lag too much to fight anything good, so "craft" most of the time). Sorry if this is a stupid question, but since this is gonna be 15-17 mil, I was wondering if there is anything to look out for? Like: are dyed versions stuck in that color?, are "blessed" items transferable, and is "owned by" a problem. Thanks all...
  3. Thanks for the help folks, really... I loaded the "classic" client at work onto a memstick. Brought home, loaded on pc, and ran into a 229MB Patch. Well, I ran the patch all night++ and when it shows done I get a "error during session" message. I've restarted UO several times, even doing a pc restart. EA help simply isn't... Any ideas? I still have the client on the stick, can I run off of the stick and patch to it? When I transfered the client to my PC it went throuh it's install stuff. I really don't wanna install on my work PC (just in case Mgmt gets fussy). Again thanks for t
  4. PC died a few months ago. I've picked up a new one, but haven't loaded UO in any form as the only disk I have is 9th Ed., which would require a 2 year long patch (at least on my dial up; which is all I can get being in the boondocks...). I didn't worry about it at first as I had been playing TOO much at the time (2-3 hours per day). But now I would really like to play again, especially as I have been paying for it these last months. What's the best way to "reload remotely". Or is there one? Can I have someone download a client onto a disk/stick, then load onto my machine. I noticed UO
  5. Ouch, my HD died out this weekend. Lost my UO, etc... (the only thing I am really worried about). I'm online at work. I have dial up. (yeah, but as I am out in the boondocks, it is really my only option except "hughsnet" or whatever they are calling it now; which is big $$.) I have the 9th. Ed disks yet. I didn't update to SA since it was a weekend long download. But now, maybe I might as well? If I download just the SA can I still play the "classic" client? Or should I reload 9th., then do the download? Finally, can the updates be downloaded onto say a memory stick, then transf
  6. Is BOD farming in effect dead? If runnic hammers / kits are devalued it probably isn't worth the effort in filling BOD's. I saw a gold runnic hammer for 1 mil, and a Heartwood runic for 1.5 Mil in Luna of all places. Are runics any use to a crafter anymore? BTW, I haven't updated yet as my only net access is dial-up, and it would take an entire weekend to download the new rules set. I would have been happy to give EA a $10 bill+ or there abouts for a hard copy...
  7. Excuse my ignorance, but how do you use the maps you get off of the giant turkey's? I went and picked up a brush, opened the map, ect... But it's been so long I've forgotten how do find where the silly map pointe to. It looked like there was an Ankh in the lower corner of the map. Is that a clue? I used to do SOS, but they gave you coordinates. Thanks for the help!
  8. Anybody know how big the SA download is? I have dialup and just finished two huge patches this week. I can't find anywhere where a disk is available for purchase. Are they trying to drive dial up accounts away? Either they are, or don't care! Thanks for the help!
  9. Does anyone know if you can download the SA software onto a portable memory device then take it and install it on another computer? I live in the boondocks, and have no high speed available (except direct satellite, which I can't afford), but have a super fast connect at work. Thanks for the help!
  10. Yes, please do! I play on GL, and if you haven't heard, they did a "revert" last week. I saw the town cryer, and thought; WOW, did UO actually give the GL folks a chance to recoup their losses from the revert?! After heading over, and spending an hour killing wolves without a drop - and seeing nobody else, I figured Uo just didn't think about turning 'em off.
  11. Thanks Guum, I don't feel so bad about my 100+ sans Mempo... I do feel bad about 25%+ of my dyes being burnt brown though...
  12. Just checking to see if my luck is as bad as I think it is... I've pulled about 70-80 drops out of the TOT event. About 1 out of 3-4 is a dye. Of the dies I have pulled (±1-2): 12 Burnt Brown 7 Deep Brown 4 Silver 2-3 of most others 1 Chaos Blue Also, for normal TOT minors; I didn't get a "Honorable Swords" until yesterday, then pulled another a couple hours later. Same thing for flute of renewal, didn't see it for first couple weeks, then pulled 3 in 2 days. Oh, BTW, no Mempo... Anyone else seeing seemingly unequal drops?
  13. Has anyone had a "run" on particular colors of the new dyes? Of the last 8 dyes I've received 7 have been deep/dark brown, or burnt brown. Oh, and the other was the "bleach" dye. Just wonderin' if it's more than my usual bad luck... Thanks!
  14. Thanks, yup I bad. I use UOguide for most of my info, and didn't catch that there. Thanks for the help!
  15. Do we know why they removed the pigments? Will they return? Sorry, but I really don't need any of the artifacts, and have been working to get white and black pigments, etc... If they're gone I won't bother any more of the event.... Thanks for the help!
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