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  1. Why would you post that?!? WHY!!!!!
  2. Pffft, the only thing women learn in any relationship is what they don't want in a man.
  3. They need to cut their own pay before looking elsewhere. After that, look at where all the BS money is being funneled to, and at the same time look to reform SS and Medicaire/aid, but there are plenty of other "bills" they can get late fees on first.
  4. Oh the humani... wait... nevermind. I'm going to be in the minority here, but this is just plain sickening. No, not the "treatment" of the pigs (didn't watch the vid, nor care to), but the discussion of "humane" and "inhumane". Human nature just so happen to be to pick up berries and roots with the possibility of maybe, MAYBE being able to scavage a carcass that wasn't completely finished off. That was human nature and being humane.
  5. Hmmm.... so the site you use says you should be intaking 2700 calories a day to maintain, is that taking in consideration the calories you are burning from working out? Or is that a static maintenance number (i.e. if you do nothing all day, you need 2700 calories a day to stay the same)? 'cause if you're already 500 below BEFORE you even lift a finger, then I'd say start taking in more calories. The good thing about the fitday.com site Snuggs was talking about is that it can also track your calories burned alongside the calories you take in, so you can get a good idea where you stand on a
  6. As stated, interval (Fartlek) training helps big time and HIIT will also help increase VO2-max (which will help with faster pace endurance). I'd say the most important thing is to track your training sessions and always move towards improvement. You can either build a training plan beforehand (creating a workout with specific goals, then hitting them) or create as you go (with recording after each workout, and shooting for higher reps/faster times the next time), but bottom line is always push yourself each time (alternating between pushing for speed or distance periodically). In terms of
  7. Love our government!! /sarcasm More money being wasted here: Dirty Spending Secrets
  8. Definately needs to be some cleaning of the genepool, it's gone un-chlorinated for decades.
  9. Even though it's not that time yet on the west coast, Happy Birthday Cabe!!!
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