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  1. Lots and houses will be an in-game purchase option, but the reason it is called pre-alpha is that it is far from feature complete...One concern I share is the housing (if we're stuck with standard houses, at least give us some skins to chose from (i.e. chose between one or more bare stone or plaster options), and the option to change colors, so we can have more diversity color wise)! I have invested a relatively small amount, and got myself and my son up to a pledge level with housing through pledge referral rewards. That is why I can "afford" an optimistic attitude. I am active on the SotA
  2. Don't get me wrong, I *do* think they'll be competing with UO... But so is any other new online RPG that's worth anything! I'm just saying that UO players won't leave UO for SotA if it isn't any good, and it's relatively safe to try (have you never thrown away 60 bucks or more on a game that turned out to be crap?) starting at $45 for episode 1... If it *is* good enough, then it may entice UO players to come play, but again, since there is no monthly fee, it would not impact the UO subscriber base until they're positive they want to play SotA more than UO. There's already a community eff
  3. Yes, it is being monetized, because SotA is crowd-funded. There's no big publishing house behind it. The pledge tiers and add-on and stretch-goal stores are the funding of the development. Houses, lots, etc. will be available through in-game mechanics after launch. All the tools being sold can be crafted too. Portalarium said they do not want to sell items for money in their store that have a big balance impact, so it will mostly be cosmetic items like hot tubs, birthday cakes, clothing, non-combat pets... All pretty pixel crack... There's some cosmetic stuff that will be unique, to give
  4. You are obviously entitled to your opinion! It'd help if you'd explain how you came to said assessment, so we can understand it, and possibly discuss... I was only stating that a pre-alpha game cannot be judged on final content, since a pre-alpha game is not feature complete. Furthermore - since RG/LB wishes to tell a story like in the old Ultima's - a lot of the actual game content is being kept under wraps until (close to) release. Also it was never intended as a "new UO", they've stated from the very KickStarter start until now that RG/LB is building SotA as the spiritual successor
  5. We're still in pre-alpha period, and they're not showing us a lot of things yet on purpose to not give away too much, so I think it is too early to judge the game on what's been shown so far...
  6. Portalarium have introduced a number of new things this week, so a quick summary... New Pledge levels: Due to popular and repeated demand, 2 new pledge levels have been introduced to help bridge some of the gaps between knight, lord and baron: knight marshall and lord marshall. More rewards: A boatload of new rewards have been added at all levels of Royal Artisan and above! You can go check it out in the store: New housing lots: To accommodate for more players in the towns, there are now row lots. Smaller than village lots, and the special row houses fit exactly on them. They're also
  7. For the week of E3 the world of SotA is open again to backers. Until Friday 10:30AM CDT backers can log in to play, walk around, craft and fight!...
  8. PreAlpha release 6 is coming this Thursday-Sunday and it is all about polish this time... Fixing a lot of small things that need to be fixed, and which should be fixed early on to prevent a stacking effect that would significantly increase the effort later on. Full details in Starr's post on the SotA forum: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/release-5-impressions-release-6-revised.10408/ If you are a pledger and haven't installed it yet, you can find the details for all supported platforms (win/lin/mac) here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IW-M7MXO1DzqGjISKIwY
  9. Runes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.
  10. Yesterday Chris, Richard and Starr did a session showing SotA at the Capital Factory Classroom. The session was streamed live, and a number of us Dev+ players got to join the fun, and blast Darkstarr with fireballs as soon as he arrived... Watch the recording here: http://goo.gl/EblM9n
  11. People have been complaining that the cartoonish map shown during Pre-Alpha released 4 and 5 wasn't anything like the 3D map shown during the Kickstarter demo. Some even threatened to take Portalarium to court over it! There were good reasons for the change, but the team has listened none-the-less: "We have heard your feedback and we are in the process of trying our best to recreate what was seen in our prototypes but to a higher visual quality" said Darkstarr in the announcement on the SotA forum. There are some consequences though: "We will need to delay other features and content while
  12. (I don't mind PDFs per sé, they just shouldn't allow anything active in there! Just static text/graphics...)
  13. Lord British is maintaining the use of Runes, but the New Britannian runes are slightly different from the Sosarian ones. Mainly the multi-char runes are gone, so a 1:1 mapping to Western Alphabet is now possible. Two sources for translation charts: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14306065/SotA%20Reference/New%20Britannian%20Runic%20Alphabet.pdf (This is a direct link to a Dropbox hosted PDF. I scanned this and McAfee found it to be safe on 28 April 2014. We cannot make any guarantees about availability or continued safety. Should it get replaced with a malicious copy, there is no way
  14. I agree with that too! But LB has a story to tell, and when that happens, it has usually been a good indication that fun stuff is in store...
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