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  1. The Everwoods~~ Misfits by Nature has been released. =) Book 2 in the series is now available and I am currently working on book 3 and 4 in the series. Ebook format will be available within 2 to 3 weeks. The book can be purchased through my publisher or the other following links. The Everwoods ~~ Misfits By Nature BARNES & NOBLE | The Everwoods ~~ Misfits By Nature: Misfits By Nature by Lisa Marie Lea | Paperback Amazon.com: The Everwoods ~~ Misfits By Nature (9781465335494): Lisa Marie Lea: Books
  2. so excited I had to share. I got a perfect grade on both my finals and have now completed my Associates Degree.... I can't believe I did it. Finally at 30 some years old I am finally a college graduate. lmao... 2 weeks off now to finish book 2, then begin my Bachelors is Psychology.... So Loving Life right now....=)
  3. Very well written and definitely speaks on a general clear point, that is so true. Great job and thank you for posting that. Makes you stop and think about how one is living their life and why.
  4. Looking like by July the second book will be released. Just waiting on the final art work for the cover, before it goes to the publisher.
  5. She smiled as he entered the house. "I've missed you." he said softly as he pulled her close. A growl floated on the air. "Where have you been?" he asked her. "Oh no where, just had somethings to take care of." she said as she pushed away from him and forced a sweet smile to him. The next day she returned to Moonglow. The city was in an uproar over last nights murder. She stood in the shadows listening to the people. "What do you expect. The guard has been abolished. There is no one to protect us anymore." a townsfolk said as many agreed. Her eyes fell upon a member of the council, an
  6. With book 2 quickly come to a completion here is a rough idea for the synopsis for the book The Everwooods -- Misfits by Nature Almost six years after the destruction of Riverwynne, Piper is slipping into the void. Her pain and hate consumes her. Her need for revenge driving her forward. As a series of uncontrollable situations forces several people into Piper's life, new friendships develop. As Piper grows more and more out of control, the new friends find they must join together to save her. As her past begins to catch up to her, new secrets are revealed, and dangerous threats lo
  7. I just got a kindle for christmas. I love it. the new lighting allows for easy reading. Can sit outside in the sun and still be ale to read it. I have no trouble connecting to the network with it. I can download books from anywhere, since it now has not only the wi fi connection but the 3g connection thing. Also with the kindle I know Amazon has a ton of books you can download for free. Oh the battery holds a charge for a full month too. you can also get crossword games and scrabble and even link it into your facebook. Just havent figured that part out yet. lol But I love my kindle.
  8. I heard in October it will return. So at least have True Blood over the summer. lol. My son got the comics for his birthday. Just finished reading them. They are good but different from the path the show took. But both are really good.
  9. If you like horror stuff the Aliens movies are really good. Or an older movie called Watership Down. Another good old movie is Goonies. Or The Lost Boys. Star Gate is a good one too. For a little newer Legion was pretty good. or I am Legand.
  10. Happy Birthday Mum... Hope you had a great day.
  11. A cold wind blew through the night, her cloak stirring in the wind. She walked alone the dark heavy around her. Her movements silent and graceful. She sought someone. Her eyes piercing through the darkness of the night. Her endless suffering, making her aggrivated. She hated being summoned. This would cease tonight. The one she sought was near, so near. She smiled, exposing the sharp points of her teeth. *the air stirs around him* "Who's there?" he calls out into the darkness, but receives no answer. He sighs with relief as she steps from the shadows. Her eyes drinking him in, a well
  12. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends, for my husbands new job, and for the men and women who choose to server in the military to protect our freedoms.
  13. I am thinking of returning to Uo. Have been missin it alot lately. I was wondering thu, I have heard alot of rumors that uo is shutting down soon. Is this just rumors? I don't want to reactivate to find out the game is going away. Last I knew was of the SA upgrade. What's new since then?
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