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  1. After thinking it over and seeing the Lady sins point of view i thought i would take step back behind the boundaries I stepped. The man you found murdered yesterday was little more then a thief who had indeed stole various things from the city homes over the last few weeks. A petty thief but a thief none the less. The second, well I have no excuse for the second with the exception of watching his eyes go black as he died... But, I am a business man and I conduct my business in a clean cut under the table fashion until I am prodded to do otherwise. When a voice is not heard then sometimes yo
  2. I see, perhaps you and I should meet and converse about such things. In private of course *Grins* I would not want my true identity to be known to just any fool, I am a business man and now you are talking business.
  3. *wicked smile* Perhaps. I have seen you in the city you are indeed a woman of beauty. But I don't think it would be your blood I would ask for...
  4. I am but a simple soldier doing my part for my cause, I did not declare war, Mula did. I only chose sides and drew first blood...
  5. The Shame Guild, any member of the shame guard is free from my death contract I have placed on Paxoku. Also any citizen who resides in Kijustsu Anei and calls it their home. Those who are not however shall be served justice.
  6. First blood as already been drawn! The holy and just fail to see anything beyond their high and mighty eyes! We shall see how many common folk must perish before they take notice.
  7. I fear you are way off Crypt Keeper, I have all the time in the world and Moonshadow was easy enough to quench my thirst this evening, Sure it was more then the one today so perhaps I will let one slide tomorrow, or perhaps not. You can prod me all you like but you will not force me out of hiding to fight. I shall do it on my terms and how I see fit. I am sorry to here that Lady Hester! Indeed I will admit that I would hope to be the first one to get you, I am sad to announce that it wasn't me who made the attempt. As I do not miss...
  8. It would indeed be terrible if a Viceroy of the fine city would fall... Or perhaps a Fair trade considering another was removed!
  9. Being a man of my word and just to show I do not bluff I stand true on my promise Day one Death one You have twenty four hours or the second victim will be claimed
  10. Posted on the City Hall door To whom it may concern: I am a resident of Kijustsu Anei Village in Paxoku, after roaming most of the world I found it a very good place to live and conduct business. I have always been a person who keeps things under my hat and though I do not live by most laws I do respect authority enough to keep it under the table and take care not flaunt it in peoples face when I get away with something. After last night however, upon discovering that the inventory of Ale and other drinks of mine had been discovered and my home wrecked by those of so called virtuous de
  11. The shroud figure watched as a black clad man with a hood pulled down over his eyes made his way off the road and into the thicket " I came as soon as you called for me my liege" The black clad man bowed his head low " It seems that things are not going as planned, Those damn Yew monks seem to have the faith of every tavern from here to the end of time even if mine is cheaper then theirs" The shrouded figure said in a matter of fact tone. The black clad figure nodded to his master "It would be most unfortunate if their warehouse were to burn to the ground" he smiled at his master
  12. My good man I can whole heartedly tell you that this is only a coincidence. I am but one man and if I could single handedly take a ship by myself I would have been a great Knight or brave paladin. I am just a simple sales man, you are more then welcome to look over my wares.
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