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  1. OOC: Yes 'tis I. Just putting out an invite in case anyone was considering Tabula Rasa. I've been playing the beta and it's a lot of fun. Its not the same "sandbox game" as Ultima, and it's also not like EQ or WoW (which I cant stand). Most important thing to me is you don't have to spend hours in it to have fun. I miss PaxLair and Humility Village, and all the great people, most especially my old friend Winfield. But my time there has passed. humil@geekstorm.com
  2. ***** A strange metal box lies outside Arcane Arts on the western edge of PaxLair, partially lodged in the ground. Inside is a piece of parchment with writing and some unusual runes ***** I hope this message finds it's intended recipients, or anyone for that matter. Our home has been taken from us without warning or provocation. It was not for lack of Valor, we simply had no way to defend ourselves. We are scattered now, holding on to the few that escaped. But we are learning.... Learning powers more ancient then our home world, probably more ancient than your own. Learning hope.
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