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  1. Anyone got a working copy of it I can download, my copy is not working
  2. So did any ever return to Siege? Hoffs what you think?
  3. http://www.uoguide.com/Vice_vs_Virtue
  4. Faction is dead, today its VvV. September 25, 2014 Note: As of Publish 86 Factons has been removed from the game. It has been replaced by the Vice vs Virtue PVP system.http://www.uoguide.com/Vice_vs_Virtue
  5. Thank you!!!! Any Map shots with these locations?
  6. The Villa has always been a favor of ours, would wish that it had castle storage then would be happy. When my daughter played she had a 18x17 with the Villa as the 2nd and 3d floors, 4th was the roof, the first floors was a HUGE basement for her mini house collection, when she quit playing and we took over her account we got it a Keep and moved all her stuff to it, making the mini houses bird houses all around the roof areas of the keep.
  7. might like to try Over at Stratics there a thread in the UO Castle and Homes Forum that was very helpful for us with the two keeps and tower we have on Sonoma. You use two small wood tables and you stand on your steps.
  8. going to bring a lot of SW back to Brit for sure
  9. At the west brit bank, rumors are you can get a level 6 off this one.
  10. With all the huge guilds around how you miss it? No one to gate you into the action? As for pets during the early part of the event the pets saved several folks lives by taking the guardians of the chests on, it was not till we faced the boss himself that we learned of his talent to heal himself when dealing with pets and summons and it took great strength to pull those pets off and allow only warriors and mages to attack. My greater was on the boat as we stood guard at the plank blocking his escape. The greater's last command being to remain still and not attack.
  11. sounds like a Queen Mum shop I believe she has the trademark on that.
  12. Well said there Queen Mum! You are a skilled scribe! I and several others of PAS and it alliances members had a blast doing this event and hope we see more such as this.
  13. I also submitted my shop so we shall see
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