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  1. All Citizens living within the PaxKrat District of PaxOku shall be required to pay City local tax effective 10/26/07. Time of collection shall be 8pm 10/26/07 and continue until 12am 10/27/07 for the PaxKrat District. This shall re-occur every Friday and Saturday between those allotted times. All Citizens are required to have a City Mail box up before 10/26/07, labeled with their appropriate District Address...(more info below). District members may also drop a bag, containing the gold and a book titled the property address. Inside please note the house tax and the seperate safety tax for ea
  2. Some quotes from Queen Zen on her excursion to Magincia "test". You can find the whole thread here and
  3. UOForums has added a number of UO themed avatars for use. Take a look you may find something interesting!
  4. Sorry I was unable to attend, the etheral Gods were being disruptive, so I decided to have a hot toddy and slept for the whole evening!
  5. The PaxKrat District of PaxOku will be providing 2 war vessels. They should be arriving in Bucs Den with this eve's tide. District citizens are currently working to get supplies together for reequipping. Extra bandages, potions, arrows and bolts are being prepared
  6. Nay, only property owners pay taxes. *shakes head* Please don't encourage other Council members to look at a personal tax!!
  7. Glad to be of help Kegan. I had been planning on a specific repair night, but I can usually be found in PaxOku any night after 7:30 pm est until approx Midnight. ICQ = 3568927
  8. Might be getting old. But just noticed all the new UO (and other game) avatars to choose from. Nice addition Adam!
  9. Mail boxes have been added at Silverfoot's and Old Fort Park. Will inscribe proper address' this eve.
  10. Ed MCManus is a part of Chesapeake history, it is right to acknowledge him and what he did. Good or evil!
  11. PAlexandria, Glad to see you met with Lord Gareth and got settled in at the Mall! Welcome to PaxOku!
  12. I'm a legendary smith residing in PaxOKu. I would be more than pleased to offer my services.
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