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  1. My family has had a terrible 2008. and I hope it gets better soon...lol
  2. Do to a house fire that destroyed 1/4 of our home I have not been on UO at all. I know that my new UO house was suppose to hold a meeting on March 18th but the fire screwed up everything. The fire happend January 8th. I request that all members of Paxlair especially those of Dragon's Watch come together with prayers. The fire happend at 11pm January 8th. If we would of been asleep I may not have been here today. I want to submit a special date for a PaxLair townhall meeting (April 8th, 2008) at my new UO home which is near completion. I am so sorry I have not been in touch I wish to send
  3. Greetings folks. I hope everyone has had a great holiday season. I bring very good news. I have decided to come back to PaxLair. The guild that I have worked with before (DragonsWatch) needs to contaact me so we can set up a planning discussion. I do wish to join a guild apon my return to Paxlair. I am back gang!!!! IN 08!!!!!!!!!!!!! Princess P.S. I have missed you guys
  4. I will wait to show the finished product... I do not want to "unwrap" a unfinished surprise!!!
  5. Greetings fellow friends... I am asking that PaxLair help me with a small problem... I met a very nice person at the ogre lords when I logged in one evening which started the whole process of me joining PaxLair. I would like to find this person so I may thank him personally forguiding me to PaxLair I believe that this person is either a member of PaxOKu or PxP I met with him and I wish to repay him for his guidance Thanks for your time.. I hope this issue gets resolved quickly... I believe we met on the 18th or 19th of September...
  6. Greetings fellow PaxLair citizens... I am announcing that I will donate a 250,000 check to Gov. Winfield at the next statehood meeting. I wish that the money be be spent on the following Helping PaxLair with taxes and other housing needs Helping to support PaxLair citizens that may be low income players And to bring a possible future PaxLair government to Trinsic What real reasons the money will be used for is entirely up to Gov. Winfield. I hope to be called up to the meeting to update my other projects going on with PaxLair. Signed Princess PaxLair's Friends of Trinsic guil
  7. Greetings fellow PaxLair citizens.... Here is a update regarding the brand new PaxLair Shop N Meet house currently under construction on the western outskirts of Trinsic. 1st. The new "Pax Vender Shop" area is near completion already! Only thing left to do is minor cosmetic changes and a few other minor changes.The vender space for the PaxLair Shop N Meet is about 50 max.So if you are interested in placing a free vendor with 100% honest service and a special credit for having a vendor at PaxLair's newest housing addition contact me at the following below this news letter. 2nd. The ne
  8. I have decided to rename my house to PaxLair Shop N Meet. I will begin construction work on this building October 3rd. Construction will be finished by October 31st. The building will not have many special display items and will be a spacey basic building with a very nice and appealing meeting room.I hope that the meeting room will lure PaxLair into having a statehood meeting there sometime in the future... I plan on updating the citizens at each meeting on the progress of construction on this new Pax building..... The shoping area will be completed first so we can get ven
  9. I have been going to the tuesday evening meetings for two weeks now and it seems like the meetings are getting bigger and bigger... I request that the leaders of PaxLair look into extending the time for the meetings from 1 hour to possibly more time. Maybe do a multiple choice vote or poll...And see which percentage gets the most votes... Just another idea of mine... I think a multiple choice vote is a better idea for this kind of group. Multiple choice options A - Extented by 15 minutes B - Extended by 30 minutes C - Extended by 45 minutes D - Extended by 60 minutes E - Do
  10. 9 28 07 - Just to update fellow PaxLair citizens...... I have prepared a heart warming speech that will be revealed at the next PaxLair statehood meeting. In this speech I will talk about the leaders of PaxLair,My three announcements and the revealing of a special surprise or two. The speech should last no longer then 10 minutes. The speech will not be revealed at the initial meeting between me and high ranking PaxLair leaders.I want to keep this a surprise for all to see at the meeting.I believe all in attendance will very much enjoy my speech. However my three announcements will be
  11. Greetings from Princess, Leader of the Friends of Trinsic guild. I was at the Pax meeting on September,25th and I enjoyed the meeting so well that I have 3 major announcements to make and I don't want to reveal the news until the next PaxLair meeting. I hope to gain support and acceptance from each member in PaxLair....My goal here is to be involed with PaxLair in anyway I can.I look forward to making many friends at PaxLair and I look forward to giving reports at each meeting. I have many major ideas for my guild and for PaxLair.I think the friendship between us both will benefit PaxL
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