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  1. I hope the coming year is full of magical gifts for you to discover in unexpected locations. I wish you all the joy of discovering that special book, poem, or art which inspires you and makes your heart soar! *knuddel* Winmere
  2. Yes! What did you do with Amberyl?!!! Lots of old timers are still around. They just respond s-l-o-w-e-r now. Welcome back! *knuddel* Winmere
  3. Ah, no WyndRyder, I submitted the report on the Pitmuck Art Faire to the PaxLair Times | The PaxLair News Service. That was a fun event! Those goblins really know how to party! zanku: I have asked for a high res file, so I can get it printed and framed, since it is one of my favorite homes. We'll see. I may have to bribe her! Got any liquor?
  4. *Winmere envelops DarkHawk in burnt cookie dust* I shall always remember, even if my face does not plant itself in a book. *winks and inserts cryptic message here* You are missed in Sosaria. *knuddel* Winmere
  5. Did anyone happen to see Lady Ashlynn's submission to the "Talents of Sosaria"? You can find it here: Talents of Sosaria Or here: Hermit's Point Or here: Facebook Gallery Be sure to see it in full size. She made me fall in love with my house again! Thanks Lady Ashlynn! Your talent is amazing and inspiring! As always, Winmere
  6. Representing PaxLair, Old Man Winfield would attend the weekly Summit Meetings at The Britain Castle. One week, the Old Man was running a bit late and asked Winmere to stand-in and represent PaxLair until he could arrive at the Summit Meeting. Winmere, being the sassy lass, er,... the uh,... helpful lady that she is, agreed and said, "After roll call, all I have to do is fall asleep, right?" That inspired Lady Ashlynn to create a drawing, which makes me laugh everytime I see it. I hope it makes you laugh too. Thanks Lady Ashlynn!
  7. I cannot take credit for this. I found it long ago and if I could credit the original author, I would. I simply make it available here for others to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of history, time, and even space exploration. Engineering Interesting how a single decision reverberates through the ages: Railroad tracks: The U.S. standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That is an exceptionally odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because that's the way they built them in England, and the U.S. railroads were built by English expatriates. Why did the Engl
  8. The rustled leaves are whispering on the wind, soft murmurings of favors dispatched, while the grass grows green with envy. Huzzah! Well done, Blue Baracudas! *Salutes*
  9. Se'an, I thought the second word might be Felucca, too. It also kind of looks like Fall... something. Fallenrocks? Then again, it kind of looks like some Italian surname, like Fallachi or something. Adam, I thought the first word might be terrain, too. That's why I mentioned it and wondered if it was a reminder to the artist of what terrain might go there. Terrain Felucca doesn't make much sense to me, but Terrain Fallenrocks, might. Big question is why capitalize both words if they are not a proper name? Ashlynn, in the Enhanced Client, you cannot see the blue tile at all. This is
  10. Hidden beneath a mountain top is this little blue tile with writing on it. I've tried sharpening the image, but still no luck in reading what it says. I probably need some gorgon lenses or something. So, does anyone know what this might be? A developer's touch, or signature? An easter egg? A reminder to the artist on what terrain goes here? I am confounded as to why it is near the Snake Pit. I just hope it does not speak volumes about the person who left it there!
  11. This evening, Winmere hosted her annual tour of "Unique Places" as part of PaxLair's 12th Anniversary Events. This tour included Felucca and much of it's history, as well as unique places in Trammel. The tour went on for well over an hour, but still had to be cut short in order to get to the next event. The next event was "Musical Chairs", a new and innovative game that has never been held before. It was held at "The PaxLair Statehood Museum and Tavern" in PaxOku. It was hosted by Grimlar Mithrax and Winmere. The rules were simple. Run, or walk in a clockwise fashion around the chair
  12. I also found Mayor Ga'kuct's trip in August of 2008. http://www.uoforums.com/paxlair-statehood-ooc/51902-gak-akrozz-da-uzg-08-a.html Winmere
  13. Excellent sleuthing! I wonder what skullduggery Lord Jasper is up to? He seems to wax and wane far more often than the twin moons of Trammel and Felucca.
  14. It was a very entertaining evening, Lady Hester. The prizes were outstanding and I thank you! *bows low*
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