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  1. Thank you. I hoping to get involved in some stuff soon. My luck hasn't been good so far. I keeping missing stuff (like the Coronation because I couldn't get my friends router and my notebook to get along), but I'll get back in the groove as soon as I can. For everyone on the East Coast batten down the hatches there's a mighty storm brewing. Everybody be safe over the next couple of days.
  2. The trouble with starting a thread at almost 3:00am is you make mistakes. I could have sworn I put this in the O.O.C. Forum. My apologies to anyone offended by this being in the wrong place.
  3. Greeting to all on Chessy, and in particular to the folks of Pax. I've been back in the game for the last couple of weeks and I've been amazed in how much fun I've been having. It's seems the combination of nostalgia and new was just what was needed. I hope to run in to more of you as I wander about in the game exploring. If any one wants to get ahold of me I have a new ICQ# 614441022 and I can be reached a justsod@aol.com Have a good weekend all. (Jim) Jason Hope, Katalyst, Kyannkat, and Brother Hammer.
  4. Glad you found it and owner, hate seeing old school buildings go away. I still remember the MacManus Castle going away, what a mess that left behind.
  5. Kyann looked up to the ceiling of the summoning room of her Tower, staring at something that was not there, words of power became a faint whisper as they trailed off to nothing... Eyes flared with a red glow ever so briefly as a snarl came to her lips. FOOL!!!! fool... will you never learn... Eyes refocusing Kyann looks around her work room for what she needs. Her gaze locks on a talisman she had made on this journey back, her hand shoots out palm up as the trinket flies across the room into it. Words of power once again escape her lips barely heard. JASON I SUMMON YOU !!! She
  6. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR Kyann, Katalyst, Jason, and Company.
  7. Kyann opens the door of the room Scionic is hiding in, seeing him standing there looking surprised she smiles widely, her eyes take on that wild look they get when she's about to do something really bad. Ah there you are let me read this to you "Vas Corp Por" she intones brightly. All of a sudden a purple cyclone of energy forms next to Scionic as Kyann slams the door closed and says cheerfully "An Por" followed by the lock in the door making an audible Click. Pulling out the Resurrection scroll she carries for such occasions she looks at the audience grinning and says: Ever wish you had a re
  8. Who let you out of your cage ? :-) *wink* Welcome back, I'll be talking to you soon. Kyannkat Mage/Scribe/and I'm afraid only 6 time GM :-)
  9. Parliament Building sounds ok to me as well, do we want to meet at the docks and travel there together ? Jason Hope.
  10. This post is for any of you who might be wondering who the heck I am (and why such and August person as Winmere is calling me an "old timer" :-) My Brother Katalyst and I grew up in the city of Britain on the east side near the city limits. We spent many hours hunting in the east woods, and hanging out around the east bank branch. It was there that we met some folks who would become some of our closest friends. They were Prince Vince, Knight Medic, and Jazzmyn, they were the Defenders of the Lair (DotL). Both Katalyst and I became members of this Guild, we had many great adventures with our ne
  11. Thank you Kindly, it's good to be back, my availability has been pretty limited the last couple of weeks, but the next couple of days is looking pretty good. I would very much like to get together with you for a visit, I've been thinking of taking Kyann out for a wander to see more of the different Pax Statehood locations and makes some runes but I just haven't been able to find the time. In the process maybe I can show off my place on horseshoe Island (I'd love to get it's location added to some of the Pax books if that's possible and visitors are certainly welcome if they can catch me at hom
  12. Lord Elijah, Your offer is most welcome,and just what i was hoping for. My old home (a small tower) was just west of Pax in what I used to call the suburbs of Pax Eternal Bay. I can come see this spot anytime in the next few hours or later in the day/evening as I have this day off. Look forward to seeing you soon. As we followers of Compassion like to say: Be well, be happy. Jason Hope Errant Paxlair Knight.
  13. Lady Winmere, Thank you for the welcome back, it's been an amazing couple of days. As far as housing goes I've been very fortunate with that, a wonderful Lady named Lissa Eldi provided me with a fine home in Trammel on Horse shoe Island, Beach front property my favorite. So while I no longer need a Home, my little brother is in the market for a home, I believe you know him: Jason Hope (Paxlair Knights) (main character on account #2). He is just returning from Questing, and is in the market for a home, hopefully in or near Pax, or at least near Pax people. Location is very i
  14. Thank you for the Info Eoin, most helpful. I'm starting to remember one of the things that made UO such a great game, It's people. Kyannkat. Mage, Scribe, House hunter. Other Characters: Katalyst-Wandering Healer. Brother Hammer-Miner, Smith, Good Right Hook.
  15. Thank you Kindly for the welcome Lady Tabbitha. I think I'm going to like it here. Thanks for the link your Governorship, nice to see Stratic's back up. Gryphon Hall looks like a pretty cool place. And while I hate to admit it I have no idea where Luna is... I'll have to do some exploring, and dig out a few maps and see if i can find it. Be well all Kyannkat. In the market for some UO Real Estate, and a good map...
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