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Need help downloading UO onto my Macbook



So i bought a macbook thinking I could download UO. I found out i couldn't do it normally like I could with my laptop that had windows. I researched and noticed a lot of people downloaded Wine. I did this and now i don't know what to do. I tried downloading internet explorer and that didn't work so i researched again and found out that i need to put in codes onto my wine. I tried to find out exactly what I have to put and to be honest I'm sick of researching. If I have to search this online again I might just end up giving up and I can't give up on UO!!! lol


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Thank you so much!!!! Im going to try this right away, well tomorrow cuz now its late lol *dances*


I have a macbook pro, and I'm pretty sure the only option you have is to use the Bootcamp app in your applications/utilities folder. It creates a smaller partition on your current drive and lets you install Windows 7 on that partition, and you end up with a dual boot Mac. You switch between the two operating systems by holding down the alt button during the startup and then you can select which system you want at that time.

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