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Could Someone Tell Me Why People Think Its Okay To Harrass People On the Internet?

Jirel of Joiry


I really wish someone could explain to me why people think its okay to harass people on the internet. What compels some people to say things on the internet that in the real world would get them punched in the face, the stuffing beat out of them or even arrested?


I wish I knew, maybe I wouldn't have recently gotten permanently banned from a forum recently. I freely admit I blew my stack. I blew my stack because a group of persons pushed my my buttons to the breaking point. Yes, I did report the group of people, and the people running that forum chose to do nothing. When this group followed and harassed me in no less than 5 threads I lost it. The people running that forum punished me, deservedly so. The instigators were not punished. In fact they posted yukking it up about how they got me banned. I complained to the people running that forum which resulting in me and them getting into a nasty disagreement that resulted in me being permanently banned. I'm not upset about it. Honestly I don't care, I really don't. Its just bugs me that people think this is acceptable behavior. I have had all my personal information and my sister's personal information given out twice in UO. I was upset about it, but now I am not. This same person made numerous"newbie" characters using my real name, my sister's real name, the name of a relative, and even the name of my sister's horse. I am not kidding her horse!


UO is not the only place I have had people act contrary. In December I had a woman in a local community Facebook group threaten to "kick in my car door" and her friend threaten to "hunt me down and kick my a**". This all because I complained about a driver running me off the road, and this woman accuses me of trying to run over her and her daughter in grocery store parking lot. I live in a very small town. For the record I did not try to harm her or her daughter. She with two year old daughter by the hand walked right through the middle of of the parking space as I was pulling in. Fortunately Volkswagen equips their cars with excellent brakes, which I stood on.


People think the anonymity of the internet gives them carte blanc to act as awful as they please. if they only knew. . . you are not anonymous. Far, far from it in fact. For example your i.p. address is unique to you. The i.p. address can be traced to the internet service provider, who then can trace the i.p. address to its owner. This especially true given most people connect via high speed. Now if you connect via a cellphone using wi-fi that's a bit trickier, it requires either pinging the cell tower if you are using cellular data or tracing the i.p. of the wi-fi host. I could go on, but its pretty boring stuff.


The point I'm trying to make is THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. You may be really angry with that person in game or on Facebook, but is it worth going to prison over? Is it worth possibly ruining your life over? Most states now have laws against making threats against someone on the internet, that will garner you jail time. Also most employers now days check out your Facebook so Think Before You Post too, it might be the difference between landing that great job and not landing it.


And that is my two cents.




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It's the simple fact of people can be anonymous jerks, which makes them forget other people have feelings too.


This is nothing new. It has been going on since the inception of the internet and I don't expect it to stop anytime soon.


And honestly, if you weren't upset about it, you wouldn't be posting about it, but here you are - doing just that. You can either just let it go and not let them get to you or you can continue to let them get to you and letting them know they're getting to you by posting about it.


I've been in your shoes - probably in worse situations than you - in the past five years with internet harassment. In the end, I found it was best to take this advice "I don't mind because they don't matter" and let it go.

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Thank you Kayhynn. :)   I'm not upset, I just wanted to discuss the things that have happen and hopefully explain why people should think before they click.

I am sorry you've been through so much bad stuff.   Maybe we can get people to talk and think about the consequences of their actions. 

I hope I can effect some positive change, but things can not change if someone doesn't speak up!  :)

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