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Hope Returns



2006: That was the last time this account had been active. It is hard to believe it has been 9 years but it is finally time this account was reactivated and it's characters get to walk the realms again. So return the characters of the Hope Company of the Twilight Fellowship. I had made this account using the new account code of my Age of Shadows Expansion. Expansions were still boxed CDs back then, sitting prettily on shelves in stores. I'm sure I still have the box somewhere tucked away, hoarder that I am.This account holds my very first paladin and my very first necromancer, chivalry and necromancy having been introduced with Age of Shadows.


To begin, I must get new equipment for all these characters and make sure my macros are properly set. I don't think all the characters are fully trained yet either, so I will have to take care of that. This will be my chance to fully tell the stories of the characters and also further develop the stories about Malas. I never really properly explored Malas, not like I did with Ilshenar. I was always putting it off, but I think that will be something I focus on now that this account is active. I know Malas has many small unique details dotting the landscape. It is time to explore and see what stories may come.

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